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    I'm aiming my Honduran Milks towards Albino (1.1 to collect) and het albinos (1.1 amazing pair of tangerine het albinos came home yesterday). So, the following is now for sale, Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis: - 0.1 visual hypo, tri-color, £50 She is quite mad, but doesn't bite. Just...
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    Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis 1.1 Honduran Milksnakes tricolor hypo (visual simple recessive) CB13 drop feeders on large 'fluffy mice' to small 'small mice' every 7-10 days occasionally take off the tongs, drop feed unless blue quite wriggly but considerably calmer than when I got them £75...
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    FOR SALE 1.1 Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis one pair of visual hypo tricolor Honduran Milksnakes CB13 related pair they are a bit crazy, very wriggly, and rather fast drop feeding on defrost large fluffy mice male for £40, pair for £85 please read the terms at the bottom of this post...
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    Hey everybody I hatched these sinaloae last week. And just wanted to share some pictures of all the hachlings. It's Bob Appelgate Gate line And my favorite Hope you enjoy the pictures
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    A few pictures, past & present. Hondurensis
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    Lampropeltis triangulum temporalis Picked up a 4.2 100% het hypo group of youngsters And an adult 1.2 trio of Lampropeltis triangulum multistriata
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    Just wanted to share my production this year with all of you. First up is some tyrosinase positive and tyrosinase negative L.t.nelsoni. First year producing these and just love the purplish color they have as hatchlings. These are just normal L.t.nelsoni from breeding a het for nothing female...
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    Took some decent photos of this little stunner today. Only literally a handful of these in the UK, Imported by a good friend Neil. I believe he only imported 4 from Applegate back in 2010, and all 4 were female. Would be nice to find where the others went, especially if male's were...
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    Dark Tangerine Male Honduran Milksnake (L.t.hondurensis) Bought as a female, but recently sexed male. Will breed next year. £60 ONO Will SWAP for Adult Female Honduran Morphs or Adult Male Sinaloan. Collection from Fife. Can Deliver for small fee (Dundee, Perth, Edinburgh) Scott
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    Uncommon sub-species available, very good natured, eats well (3 Fuzzies weekly), sheds well. Just under 3ft currently, so a bit more growing before she can breed. £50 Collection Only (Newburgh) or can deliver for small fee, or meet halfway. Scott
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    Mature male Anery Honduran, CB08, Eating weekly on 2 Adult Mice. 4' +. Good Nature, Nice strong sturdy comparison to a cornsnake. Het Hypo. £60. Collection Only (Newburgh) or can deliver for small fee, or meet halfway. Scott
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    I have decided to cut back on my collection, therefor I have this adult pair, who produced four lovely Hatchlings this year (Who are also available). There are atleast CB02, Original Applegate stock. I wouldn't reccomend breeding these anymore after next season. Female (Normal/Het) is feeding on...
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    Hi All, The four Mexican's are now available. Two are Spotted, The other are Normal/Hets. I have popped them, but cannot not confirm anything, Although It appears the Spot's are male, Normal/Het's are female, As are their parents. £60 Spotted £50 Het/Normal £100 For A Pair (x1 Spot x1...
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    A nice little story for you all. My first snake was a Sinaloan Milksnake, called Mirage, I've had her since day one, and she's always been my favourite for that reason alone. She's just coming up to 5 this year, and I managed to pair her up with a Striped Sinaloan last year who was only 18...
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    Over the moon with these (so far), Have just checked the incubator to find these four gems. Two Spotted the other two Normal Het's. Still have a few more eggs to hatch, although I'd be more then happy with these four. #1 #2 #3 #4 #2's a cracker, Defernetly a keeper seeing as the...
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    Male Anery Honduran 2008. Selling due to too many males. Will consider swaps with female Hondura Morphs. Otherwise, £75 ONO Scott
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    Male 2006. Female late 2008. Male Female Was originally up for £160 back in June. Will sell them now for £120 ONO. Scott
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    Only have a handful of Milksnakes remaining now, They are the following. 1.1 Annulata/Mexican Milksnakes Adults. Male Spotted, Female Het Spotted. £200 Pair 1.1 Stuarti/Stuarts Milksnakes, Female 08 Male 06. £140 Pair 1.0 Ghost Honduran CB08. £120 Pictures can be found here...
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    After trying his utmost to escape, then biting me and resuming his escape attempts, he finely settled for a few seconds. This allowed me to take some quick snaps.
1-20 of 22 Results