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trinket snake
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    Female Coelognathus helena. Hatched in 2013. Healthy and very active, eats like a pig. Has bred for the past 2 years .
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    I have a very cute grumpy trinket for sale. I'm not sure on the sex, sheds well, eats like a pig. pick up SE2 london. can do set up for extra
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    Hello I am looking for a home for a unsexed trinket snake. He/she eats weekly and sheds fine. i'm asking for a 20 pound rehoming fee
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    Hello I have a few for sale.. Female hatching Butter royal python eating fluffs weekly 70 grams.. £120 ono Female pastel royal python eating LWR weekly.. 1000 grams £100 ono Proven wild type female royal python not sure on weight. eats LWD weekly £60 ono Adult female trinket snake eating a...
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    Thats the way to do it Trev! He is such a beauty!
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    Proven breeding pair of Trinket Snakes. Female is approximately 5 years old and male is approximately 4 years old. Both eating & shedding as they should. I’ve had 4 successful clutches from her this year. I currently have 6 hatchlings from her last clutch which are ready to go, these can be...
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    sad sale of my beautiful male trinket snake he a stunning little boy about 3 1/2 years old he eats small mice or rat pups goes off food a bit in the winter time but generally hes a great eater, shedder and he can be handled very calm temper. only selling due to not having any breeding plans...
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    CB10 Male trinket snake, slow feeder to begin with so is quite small still. Feeding well now as a drop feeder. £60.00 O.N.O CB12 Female trinket snake. Drop feeder Obviously not at breeding weight yet £60.00 O.N.O ^^ I'm happy to sell these as a pair for £100 ^^ CB06 Male spotted...
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    So this is Pippin, just picked him up today and took a few (not great) pics. Hopefully I'll get some better ones in the future. A bit of attitude
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    frightening stuff right?? nah who are we kidding? just look how adorable he is!! nawhhh :flrt:
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    We have 3 adult FEMALE TRINKET SNAKES one 2009 and two 2008 for sale at £125 the trio. Will not split as they have lived together for the last 2.5 years and stopped feeding when split up. Only selling as the male has died but we had lots of eggs from all 3 females. We have a table at Kempton.
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    Hi, I am looking to get either one or two elaphe frenata, commonly known as either the assam trinket snake or rein snake found in China and India. If two are available then I would prefer a male and female for my breeding project. CB or WC specimens are fine, as long as they are in a healthy...
  13. Introductions
    Hi everyone I have joined upon the site being recommended by a work colleague. Daughter is 13 today so bought her a trinket snake, she already has 3 eastern collared lizards. Already posted for help and we aint had the snake 12 hours and my query has been resolved thanks to a couple of...
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    :welcome: 2 male Trinket snakes for sale at £50 each. they are good feeders, lovely temperament, and are 18-24 inches long. for more details, phone 01384 273540 before 5:30, any day. ask for Jan or John.
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    Hi,Sadly I have my 2010 Trinket snake (Coelognathus helenus) for sale. She has been popped and believed to be female. she is stunning. She is feeding and shedding well. She is quite scatty and doesn't really enjoy being handled, but she will easily come around with a bit of patience. A very...
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    Male Trinket Snake for sale, having to sell due to downsizing my collection (no space since moving home!) He really needs a new loving home, as you can see in the picture he is a beautiful little man :) Good eater, eats a small black mouse weekly, sheds regularly, never had any issues with...
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    beautiful girl never bitten or shown any agression, lovely to handle only selling because we need to downsize please contact me for pics and more info
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    Lovely Baby Trinket Snakes for sale born 16/1/2011 ready to go by 16th Feb eating thawed pinkies. £49 each.
1-18 of 18 Results