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trinket snakes
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    Hello I have a trinket snake for sale. I'm not sure on the gender. He/She eats well weekly, sheds and toilets as He/she should. Get in touch for more info Thanks for reading
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    We have 3 adult FEMALE TRINKET SNAKES one 2009 and two 2008 for sale at £125 the trio. Will not split as they have lived together for the last 2.5 years and stopped feeding when split up. Only selling as the male has died but we had lots of eggs from all 3 females. We have a table at Kempton.
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    I have a male Trinket snake who is 3years old and a female Trinket snake who is 1.5years old for sale. They are both eating,shedding and pooing fine. They do not live together as female is still too young to breed, both are great to handle have taken them to my sons schools and they have been...
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    Lovely Baby Trinket Snakes for sale born 16/1/2011 ready to go by 16th Feb eating thawed pinkies. £49 each.
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    2 bois just shed but which is which! DOH! thats tooooo easy!
1-5 of 6 Results