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    Unsexed hatchling trinket snakes for sale, eating full small pinkies
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    CB14 Female green bush rat/ Trinket snake for sale - She eats defrost rat pups/fluffs or medium mice. She enjoys being handled and is very tame. Sheds and poos as she should. Setup included viv 3'(H) 2'(W) 18"(D) with branches, ceramic heat bulb with guard and light. Great looking snake with...
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    I know I keep asking this, but one day I'll get one... Any female trinket snakes for sale? Of a breedable size. I've only been looking for one for about 3 years! Feel sorry for my poor male, do you want him to never experience snakey lovin'? No, of course you don't! :p
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    Male and female blood red corns approx 4 years old. bought from a breeder at PRAS Female is a hypo blood red het lavender and the male is a normal blood red het lavender. good opportunity to get plasma corns. both good feeders, a bit skitty as not handled due to my little one taking up all my...
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    Hatchling Trinket snakes looking for homes. The parents can been seen and handled if you want. All hatched between the 11-14th November. All have shed 2 or 3 times and eaten successfully. Lovely snakes to handle and beautiful markings. Please message me for more information.
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    wanted cape house snakes CB13 only visual T+ albino only preferably an unrelated pair, but I'll take a related pair, they are to go with my unrelated 100% het pair Trinkets CB13 only looking for another pair Candoia aspera CB13 only preferably normal brown ones but I'll take red/yellow if the...
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    WANTED Candoia aspera 1.1 or 2.2, preferably CB12 Candoia paulsoni 1.0 or 2.1, preferably CB11/CB12, preferable brown rather than isabel Diones 0.1, preferable CB13, striped/normal/locale? Trinket 0.1, preferable CB13 Japanese ratsnake 0.1, prefer CB13 (I have a pair reserved already) I'll...
  8. Snakes
    Hi My daughters trinket snake sadly died today and she is distraught. I know the breed is rare so was wondering of another timid breed that does not grow too big? Appreciate your help and advice x
  9. Snake Pictures
    So this is Pippin, just picked him up today and took a few (not great) pics. Hopefully I'll get some better ones in the future. A bit of attitude
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    I have a male trinket snake hatchling for sale. These seem quite rare lately but I will have a lot more for sale soon. Most likely just after Xmas. They are great snakes, all have been amazing feeders since hatching. Shown no sign of aggression and in my opinion, a lot better to raise them corn...
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    quite rare to get at the minuite 2 year old trinket snake still lots of growing to do just over a foot stunning colours great feeder
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    Hi, I have a pair of trinket snakes for sale. Both eat, shed and poo fine. Lovely little snakes. £85 for the pair Reluctant sale. PM me for more details. Cheers John
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    flying snake female, very healthy, taking defrost mice weekly, available with full set-up trinket snake male, healthy, takes defrosts weekly available with full set-up im moving moving moving, and so will accept sensible offers to knowledgeable homes. welfare comes first please feel free to...
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    Selling my beatiful little trinket snake due to absolutely no fault of his own. Very docile snake, but will get spooked if you make any sudden movements near him. Shed two weeks ago (I still have the shed skin) and feeds on pinkies. Not in any rush to sell him but would like to swap for a...
  15. Newbie Advice
    hi guys just bought my daughter a trinket snake which is beautiful and the viv has a basking lamp and heatmat. Temp is at 90 which is high and the snake seems to be looking for a cooler area. Had a look on the trinket caresheet on here and it only mentions the heatmat no lighting. I need a...
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    due to a recent bad fall & possible long term tendon damage i dont feel i can manage to properly care for all my animals so i've had to make the heartbreaking decision to rehome some. 1st is my female snow corn she is a cb09 lovely girl, good eater could use more handling as she has not been...
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    Male Trinket Snake for sale, having to sell due to downsizing my collection (no space since moving home!) He really needs a new loving home, as you can see in the picture he is a beautiful little man :) Good eater, eats a small black mouse weekly, sheds regularly, never had any issues with...
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    Hello, I have a beautiful Male Trinket snake for sale, he is about 4 1/2 years old. Good eater, has a small black mouse weekly (he is a bit fussy and I have found it hard to get him to eat white mice ...). He's quite head shy and dislikes quick movements, he does come out a few times a week...
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    Lovely Baby Trinket Snakes for sale born 16/1/2011 ready to go by 16th Feb eating thawed pinkies. £49 each.
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    Hi all, I have to get rid of my snakes and BD, the value of the snake means nothing to me, it's who there going to. All sexes are good guesses. So first up is my adult corn, shes super friendly about 8 years old. Next is my female Royal, again really friendly and about 8 years old. Next...
1-20 of 22 Results