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true spider

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    I am on the look out for some Latrodectus spiders. I already have a latrodectus tredecimguttatus, so if you have a different species to this, PM me :2thumb:
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    As stated I have 2 spare Cuppienius salei Both unsexed S/A Asking £25 each with setups as i dont fancy tryna tub them up lol Would also consider swaps. let me know what you got : victory:: victory:
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    found this cool looking spider the other day , got it in a jar at the mo decked out in twigs etc , she/hes webbed up nicey and eating like theres no tomorrow , the web is quite strange though ... no structure to it ... basicly just a mess and all over the place Here a pic of the said spider :)...
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    Ok so I've seen a few posts recently about true spiders and jsut so happen to find this lil guy in our summer house (wifie isn't allowed to smoke in the house!) Pretty sure it's a False widow, but just wanted to check. Pics a lil blurry as it was taken on my phone :whistling2:
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    Hey Peeps, know I don't post a lot, but thought you might be interested. . .came home from work and did the usual gander of the T's & Huntsman and discovered my true spider has an eggsac !!! :gasp: I introduced another Huntsman couple of months back thinking they might live communal, I was...