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tupinambis merianae
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    CB'15 Female Tupinambis merianae for sale. Animal is in tip top condition and has an excellent temperament. She has been bought up on a insect based diet with fruits and odd treats such as meat, snails and eggs. Please no timewasters, tyre kickers or dreamers, I will only sell to serious buyers...
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    Hey I am looking for someone who got baby tegus for sale and can deliver it to the Hamm show in march. Just pm me if u got something. Thanks a lot !
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    1.1 Blue tegus adult breeding pair high white specimens perfect condition all toes, claws and full tail. Male 56 inches Female 46 inches
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    I am looking for tegu baby with a lot of white colour. Please pm me offer. I am sure we will make a deal.
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    I have 1 white headed blue tegu female. The female is microchipped and comes with a copy of the CITES paperwork. She also has nice orange spots down her flank. Serious interest only.
1-5 of 5 Results