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    For sale at Doncaster. A 25% deposit will be required for anything ordered. Soft spiny-tailed geckos, Strophurus spinigerus, breeding trio £350.00; unsexed young (grown on hatchlings) £65.00 each Golden-tailed geckos, Strophurus taenicauda, unsexed young £75.00 (one missing the tip of its...
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    I will be bringing some surplus captive-bred geckos to Doncaster. They can be reserved in advance on payment of a 25% non-refundable deposit via Paypal Soft spiny-tailed geckos, Strophurus spinigerus, 2012 young, females £125, males £100. I have 1.3 available and will give a generous discount...
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    Available for pickup at Hamm. Our female Underwoodisaurus milii eastern form. This is NOT the form you see most, these are rarely offered, we recommend getting an eastern male for her (can also be found at Hamm from German or Scandinavian breeders) to make sure the different forms aren't mixed...
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    1.1 Underwoodisaurus milli Male Southern form . Female Eastern form . Will not split. Preference given to those who already have an Eastern form male. £150 ONO (Yeovil / Reading / Winchester)
1-4 of 4 Results