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  1. Snakes Found this snake in English waters, near Norwich. Any ideas what it might be? Thanks! Edit: It was about three times longer than what you see there.
  2. Lizards
    Hey everyone, I was given this lizard because someone didnt want her anymore. No idea what she is and nobody seems to be able to identify her. She is aggressive and will clamp down when she bites. She also sticks her tail and and moves it from side to side when there is live food in the...
  3. Lizards
    Hello everyone! Firstly I am new so hey all!:2thumb: Secondly, I have been given a lizard because the owner couldnt be bothered anymore and he told me it was a gargoyle gecko. I really dont think it is but I cannot identify it.
  4. Lizards
    What on Earth is this? Just opened up my AFT's cave 5 minutes ago to check if she'd done her business and I was greeted with THIS: It's still a little wet and kinda soft (poked with tweezers, not fingers lol) But she hasn't been anywhere near a male for the month I've had her, she lives...
  5. Snakes
    I came across this snake on a path near Winterfold in the Surrey Hills. It remained virtually stationary as I approached and for some time afterwards - at least 30 mins while I went home for my camera. It was at least three feet in length. Any ideas as to what it is?
1-5 of 6 Results