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  1. Snake Pictures
    Thanks Kathy for taking these today. Jörmungandr Isla (upper keys - would have got a pic of Largo too but he's in blue) Loki (kinky amel)
  2. Snake Pictures
    I know, I know - the usual, boring.... 'Fina is settling in nicely... Onyx finally gets a decent meal (the frozen mice have been very undersized recently) Largo loves his food, he always comes out of the tub to greet it (clean pants required LOL)... And finally...
  3. Snake Pictures
    Got a couple of pics of my upper keys corns from Toyah today, you can see that Largo has grown much brighter than Isla... Largo Isla (darker and more grey/black on her) Onyx is getting ready to shed, he's grown somewhat over the last couple of weeks (visibly so as...
  4. Snake Pictures
    Grabbed some piccies of Largo ('09 male upper keys) in the garden, thought I'd share. See how his colour's changed? :flrt: Some serious yellow... Rosy tum Shall get some Isla ones in a mo...
  5. Snake Pictures
    Another big thank you to Toyah for bringing Isla to us, she's another upper keys corn snake and she'll be Largo's girlfriend in a couple of years time :) Also Largo shed through the night, so here's some piccies of the new slightly oranger him... The Nyx is just about to shed, and...
1-5 of 5 Results