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    New to reptiles and a new member here :) I'm looking to purchase a Uromastyx in the very near future but want to ensure I a) have the right equipment and b) that the set up is working as it should do before committing to the purchase. I may waffle and this post may be rather long winded but I...
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    uromastyx nigriventris yellow Male Approx 3 years old. very friendly and outgoing. General reason for finding a new home. No timewasters please as its upsetting as it is. Can sell full set up for extra cost No offers.
  3. Lizards
    I'm going to be getting a Uromastyx geyri at the end of the month. I've repurposed my old 4ft Bearded Dragon viv, just needs a new backdrop in to brighten it up a bit. However I'd still like a few pointers on the diet, or perhaps you have a comprehensive care sheet you could share. Obviously...
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    Looking for a forever home for my beautiful Moroccan uromastyx "Ember" all photos are taken today. I've had her for roughly 4 years, she will be missed - Ideally would like an experienced owner that will send me updates! Comes with vivarium / full set up and spares as shown in photos, full item...
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    Hi selling my pair of Mali uromastyx with 4ft viv they are 9 months old and in perfect health and eating well. 1 is very active the other is more shy. Looking for £350 (cost me £500 just for the lizards alone) the lot including lights (Arcadia UVB Basking bulb) and decor. all kinds of electronic...
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    I have available some UK CB16 hatchling Uromastyx dispar dispar. All now coming up to 3 months old, eating, pooping etc. as they should be. Both parents belong to me and can be seen :) Fantastic animals, great personality, very active as adults! Collection from near Chepstow...
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    Spider 3 Iggy 2
  8. Lizard Pictures
    Looking stunning :)
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    Fully grown and the biggest and most vibrantly-coloured uro I've ever seen, it's going to be hard for me to part with 'Scoff'. However, due to personal reasons I am leaving the hobby and selling all of my snakes and lizards to experienced keepers only. His sex is not officially known to be but...
  10. Lizards
    Hey so I was talking with a fellow herper the other day (he had a collection of ball pythons) and i mentioned that i was considering putting a mali uromastyx in my new terrarium... but when i mentioned uromastyxes he mentioned that they "should be handled VERY sparingly as too much human contact...
  11. Lizard Pictures
    Here are a couple of photos of my new addition! My big Egyptian Uro girl 'Onyx' :flrt:
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    Hi there, Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have to rehome my beloved uro, he is approx 12 years old, in excellent health , very cute little character So much fun and great to watch I also have the set up, a 3 ft Exo terra mesh top viv, with all lighting if needed, Very sad and reluctant sale...
  13. Lizards
    Hi, I got this little guy today, he was part of a trio and was getting bullied by the other uros so he ended up in my local reptile store, I have always wanted one so I gave him a nice new home! I have been told it's a male Moroccan uromastyx that is a couple of years old however after looking...
  14. Lizards
    so last year was my first attempt at breeding uromastyx geyri, i got 22 good eggs from my females but messed up the incubation resulting in only two eggs hatching. was hoping for better results this year and on the 29th of march this happened then yesterday this happened betty laid 8...
  15. Lizards
    I actually bought an animal not long ago (as opposed to taking on rescues), a small little captive bred Ornate uro from a friend of mine. It really is such a difference to work with captive bred animals. He is practically fearless, and more than happy to jump on my hand as Im bringing food into...
  16. Lizards
    There is a pair of uromastyx dispar for sale on gumtree located in Surrey. If I was closer I would swoop in and take them, they are keeping them in a 3ft viv on what looks like sawdust and say they got them 7 years ago.....someone please take them in and give them a bigger viv. Xx
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    Hi All I am selling my 4 Uromastyx Ocellata as I am working away more and more now meaning its becoming increasingly difficult for me to care for them so its time they went to a new home. They are housed in matching Vivexotic, mahogony, stacked, hardbacked, 4x2x2 vivs. 1 viv has 1 adult pair...
  18. Lizard Pictures
    newest member of my uro army is here!! his name is hank and hes a 5yr old egyptian uro. he weighs in at 735g and is quite tame for a 17" lizard who hasnt been handled all that much. and a size comparison between one of my baby saharans and hank....hes only a little bit bigger* :D
  19. Lizards
    Hi All, I am an experienced reptile keeper. I currently have two rescue beardies, a skink,, two corn snakes and a ball python. In one month i will be getting my dream lizard an ocellated uro. She is 3 years old and is vry tame and healthy. As any reptile owner knows, the internet searches...
1-19 of 122 Results