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    after much deliberation I have decided to sell some of my Uromastyx Species. This Ornate pairing have been together for two years, approx 3.5-4 yrs old. Male is a beautiful Green Phase, Female is a salmon colour.... They have mated and have previously laid one clutch last year... Serious...
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    I have for sale two unsexed juvenile Uromastyx Maliensis....approx 10 months old. Very healthy individuals, eat mixed greens, salads & seed mix £85 each ....Bargain price Also 1 juvenile Occelated .....same diet as above £80 Buyer to collect For a quicker response to advert please e mail ...
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    Male yellow saharan uromastyx for sale with set up for £200 or on his own £130 0no. very nice colourful lizard reluctant sale due to break up, healthy with no problems, his name is rio. im in swansea, contact me on 07791842007 for more info and pics thanks katie
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    I have what is believed to be a female maruke blue tongue skink (I am only saying to be believed female because it has a very slender head) I am looking for uromastyx! If any body has any uromastyx they would like to exchange get in touch, I will be able to make up cash difference for a pair...
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    well u can probably guess that i am thinking about getting a uro i have read a few caresheets on them but i am after soom first hand info and advice like what are they like to keep healthy what diat worked for you and your uro all that sort of stuff regards nick: victory:
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    hey 3 quick questions.... what is the easiest uro to keep? what kind of set up do they require? are they quite cheep to keep?
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    Hi, ive been looking at getting a reptile for a few months now, i have been looking at both snakes and reptiles, but would prefer a lizard. Im looking at keeping it in my room so i dont really want to be keeping/feeding it crickets and roaches, due to my girlfried taking a dislike, im fine with...
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    Hi guys I wonder if anybody can help tell if this Ocellated Uromastyx is a boy or a girl? It was sold to me as a female that had previously been laying eggs. I bought her for my other half who has 2 other Ocellated Uros, one definitely male and the other a juvenile, also bought as a female...
1-8 of 8 Results