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uromastyx for sale
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    Wonderful Uromastyx. So friendly, always eager to get out and stand on you, climb around on you and watch the world go by. I am gutted as I had planned on a very long life with this beauty! Sadly as I am moving in with my partner there is not space. Please only inquire if your happy to answer...
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    6 and 7 years old Believed to be male and female due to colour and size variations Housed separately Good feeders One hand tamed the other doesn't like to be handled Selling due to lack of time
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    I have an adult 08 Orange Moroccan (Uromastyx Acanthanura Nigriventris) for sale. I have no idea of the sex but you're welcome to come and have a look. I would say male, but I've been wrong before. Nice and healthy, and quite friendly. I will only sell to keepers who have kept this species...
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    Hi there I have a male uromastyx for sale he is 4 years old and called Jack He was only recently diet changed as previous owner had him mainly on locusts n salad only. He now loves mix of finch n budgie seed all mixed lentils n split peas, mixed range of flowers, herbs and greens The viv he is...
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    Male yellow saharan uromastyx for sale with set up for £200 or on his own £130 0no. very nice colourful lizard reluctant sale due to break up, healthy with no problems, his name is rio. im in swansea, contact me on 07791842007 for more info and pics thanks katie
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    Up for sale again due to a missunderstanding.. Our gorgeous Male Yellow Sarharan (U.Geyri) Uromastyx, Proven Breeder +Loves the good old cuddle(Such a friendly little guy) Bred sucessfully with 4of our females and produced outstanding offspring. Hes around 3&a half years of age. Lives his veg...
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    Breeding pair of mali uromastyx for sale would prefer them to go together and to someone who understands the breeds requirements Please fill free to pm me for more details
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    i have 1 female uromastyx maliensis for sale she is about a year and a half and about 6inches and loves her food she is friendly but can move if she wants to. she is a vegetarian lizard and will get around the same size as a bearded dragon and they have a lovely temperament too. we would...
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    this is a very hard sale! but I really need to try and get some funds together! these guys are fantastic feeders, very friendly...and all in all a gorgeous pair! they are around 2.5 years old, and I think they may be a pair, one is colouring up a LOT more than the other...and is getting nicer...
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    sadly due to personal reasons we are having to sell our adult proven pair of ocellated uromastyx, they are in fantastic condition...and have been breeding so the female should lay fairly soon, they are quite skittish but are out and about a lot and great fun to watch! they are not...
1-10 of 10 Results