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uroplatus guentheri
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    I'm looking for some Uroplatus guentheri. Ideally looking for pairs or females, but will also consider lone males. I have cash waiting or also have other Uroplatus species that I'd be willing to swap, if prefered. I'm willing to travel to collect. Please get in touch if you can help! :)
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    I have for sale 2 unsexed Uroplatus Guentheri. Not quite ready to go just yet, but I am very happy with their growth and strength so will be ready for their new home(s) soon. Both are CB by myself and hatched start of July and will be ready from end of Sept. Great species to get yourself...
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    For sale: 2 male Uroplatus guentheri, one CB08 individual and a CB09 individual. Both geckos were produced by Jody Ettema and come with Cites paperwork. £140 each (or best offer) This is a good species of Uroplatus to start with, as they are more hardy than other members of the genus, but...
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    For sale, two male U. guentheri. One CB08 individual and a CB09 individual, both geckos were produced by Jody Ettema and come with Cites paperwork. If interested you will have to convince me that you are able to care for this more delicate species before sale. £150 each Pictures show both...
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    Nari- Female- first 2 pics in shed Loki- Male These are amazing geckos, they hunt like acrobats!
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    Held Nari for the first time today and was blown away by the spots, trust me to get a dalmatian leaftail!
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    Big thanks to Dean for getting these home safely....just shows it can be done with the right care :whistling2: These are my pair of phantasticus, and i'm in love, i have waited quite a while to add these to my collection. This is the male Diablo No, i haven't made him lose his tail...
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    Gecko 1 Gecko 2 Both pics from last night just before being put in to setups. Gecko 1 Gecko 2 Hunting tonight! Both ate crickets- WOOP Many thanks to Dean, Rudders, for collecting them for me!
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    Thank you Master of Darkness :) Finally got him a few weeks before christmas, and what a little dude. I'd left him to settle a while, as he didn't seem to touch his food, but that's all sorted now :) He is such a little cutie, and loves to accidentally fall in his water bowl, the div :P x
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    I have three baby Uroplatus guentheri babies for sale. Available in September. Uroplatus guentheri are great to watch. They wave their tails around when they see prey and are easily tamed to take food from your hand. They are all different and these three are particularly beautiful. No 2...
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    Captive breed Uroplatus guentheri Baby Only one more available of these rare geckos. PM me for a care sheet and more photos
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    I have one baby Uroplatus guentheri left. £125 These are the easiest of the Uroplatus to keep and are a very unusual looking gecko. I have a breif care sheet which I can send if you give me your email address. There are also a few care sheets on the internet and I would advice anyone...
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    I have these two left for sale. Anyone interested ?
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    Hoping to bring some Uroplatus Guentheri babies over, anyone out there interested? Pm me details , more pictures and care sheet.
1-14 of 14 Results