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    Price is £550 firm. She’ll be ready to go to a new home from March 1st and will be 3 months old then. She fires up black as shown. Feeding well on gutloaded insects. Would prefer courier due to the current state of things, but can potentially do collection in Richmond North York.
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    Looking to add to my small collection of Sikorae. Mossy leaf tailed geckos. If you have any and you are looking to rehome please do contact me with the details. Thank you
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    Looking for 1.1 Uroplatus sikorae CB 1.1 Uroplatus phantasticus CB
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    Due to unforeseen circumstances I am having to reduce my reptile collection I have a 2 year old uroplatus sameiti male for sale £300 for the lizard or can come with fully bioactive viv for an extra £150 he’s eats and hunts well very active lizard pickup Gateshead/Newcastle upon Tyne or buyer can...
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    5 year old Aff. Henkeli, believed to be a Diego. Very rare and unique gecko, smaller than a regular Henkeli. Eats well on live food and is incredibly active when the lights are off. Has been supplemented with UVB and Ca and has recently had a vet check up. Feel free to message me if you have...
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    Hi guys/girls, I currently have a breeding pair of "Henkelis" they are CB12 and were sold as Henkelis. However, they appear to be most similar to a Sikaroe. The female is 5.2" (stv), a lot smaller than a Henkelli. Some nice folks on Facebook seem to think an Aff Henkeli or a Diego, they do...
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    Preferably looking for adults, not too fussed on local. A breeding pair would be perfect. May be open to swapping my breeding pair of Uroplatus Henkelis if something special comes up .:mf_dribble:
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    Uroplatus Sikorae MDA All captive bred by me Real nice quality examples. Males £125 Female £200 Pairs (unrelated) £300 No offers please, the price is firm.thanks. Guess you will have to give me your email for pics as I can't workout how to attach the silly things to this post. : victory:
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    Surplus to requirements, a perfectly healthy, approximately 1 year old male Uroplatus phantasticus -Satanic leaf-tail gecko. Please PM with any questions :)
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    I have a male... not quite of breeding age yet, but I'd love for a female for the obvious reasons! Plus he has such a massive enclosure it could do with more non-botanical life in there :) If anyone has one for sale, give me a shout; PM please as I'll get a notifying email. Cheers me-dears :)
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    Selling due to focusing on other species: 0.1 U.aff.henkeli - £250 (approx. 2 yrs old) I can provide set up for animal if collected, for an additional cost.
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    Adult male phantasticus purchased over 1.5 years ago at Hamm show .perfect example does everything it should .looking for £ for pics and more info :)
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    Looking for breeding pairs of uroplatus fimbriatus ,gigantius mossey leaf tail and phantasticus could u send me a pic the price the size to thank you
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    I have an adult pair of Uroplatus ebanaui for sale or swap for any other Uroplatus species or other rare species.she has laid few dud eggs so should lay fairly soon .i am attending sep donny show so can bring to the show .pics on request via email.
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    New additions to the family :)
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    Available for Doncaster June Uroplatus guentheri CB14 1.0 £350 Uroplatus henkeli CB15 0.4 £250-£300 each Trioceros jacksonii xantholophus CB14 0.2 £180 each Trioceros rudis CB14 2.0 £140 each Bradypodion tavetanum boehmei CB14 2.0 £140 each Cordylus mossambicus CB15 0.0.2 £300 each Japalura...
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    Have an adult female phantasticus for sale at £350 she is proven breeder and had young in December there.i am looking to sell or swap for new bloodlines
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    Hi we are the Rhac-Shack, we have some quality, stunning geckos for sale. We will have the following geckos with us at Doncaster reptile show and we will have a table. They can be reserved with a non-refundable deposit to be collected from the show. Male cork bark leaftail gecko (Uroplatus...
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    1.1 adult breeding pair of Uroplatus sikorae £320 1.1 adult breeding pair of Uroplatus henkeli £380 May sell a few other species too.