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    Both very tame and eating well. Not sure of sexes. Only for sale as I need the space for my 6 Uromastyx Geyri's. £200 each or £350 the two
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    Looking for adult female/s uro thommasi looking to pair up with my 3 males looking to buy or swap one or 2 of my males
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    Got this great little guy still too young to sex I think, but it is nice and active and eating well on a variety of greens/weeds and flowers also taking lentils, bean mix and sesame seeds. Colouring up nicely as it ages with a great pattern and spots and getting some good orange on him...
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    I am looking for pairs of Occelated Uromastyx Morrocan Uromastyx Mali Uromastyx Pm me with prices. Thanx
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    Hi looking for female eygtion uros cash or swaps for royals pm me
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    Stunning pair of thomasi available. CB2011. healthy, stocky, great eaters, very active. any questions please ask. thanks
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    Rare oppourtunity to own a stunning pair of Uromastyx Macfadyeni. otherwise known as the Somali Uromastyx. 1.1, CB 2011. totally unrelated pair. Male has stunning colouration and will undoubtedly produce stunning I would imagine look similar to photo below when fully grown...
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    Chance to own a CB12 pair of Thomasi, blue phase. totally unrelated, including all paperwork. fantastic condition, living happily together. fantastic condition. not from WC parents like a lot for sale. these do sell in the UK for £600 each. and questions please ask. this is...
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    Beautiful juvenile available. Uromastyx Princeps extremely rare in the UK, I do not know of any others currently for sale. will be absolutely stunning when fully grown. any questions please ask. pic of dad below
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    Beautiful male juvenile available. extremely rare in the UK, I do not know of any others currently for sale. will be absolutely stunning when fully grown. any questions please ask.
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    A chance to own a possible pair of these fantastic uromastyx. still very rare within the UK. shops are selling these for £600+ each so grab a bargain so to speak!! CB12, fantastic condition as you can see from the photos. blue phase. any questions, please ask. thanks
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    for sale pr of ocellated 4 years old 200.00 2 no orange female geyri 125.00 each 3 years. 18 month old morrocan yellow/green male 125.00 can send pics by phone only martin
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    Hi, I'm after a pair of uromastyx princeps. Ideally from a reputable dealer / breeder. If anyone has a pair of these please contact me. Will pay a good price and will travel to collect etc. Alternatively if anyone knows of a reputable source I would be externally grateful. Thanks for looking
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    I have available 3 morroccan Uromastyx. 1 male and 2 females Cb11. orange phase, showing good colouration already when warmed up. please message me if interested or any further detaisl required. no timewasters please thanks for looking
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    Now I have got my full allocation of snakes(10 in all,the wife says no more) i have now just gone and bought a pair of uros both 2 years ol(male and a female)...ive been looking for wild bird seed with no sunflower seeds in it for the substrate...ive got a 4ft 18x18 viv for them as they have...
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    2 beautiful malis for sale. Both house seperately 1 about a year and a half showing beautiful yellow and black colours looks to be male eats sheads and poops fine handels well too. The other is under a year too young to be sexed hasnt got its colours yet. It pops and sheads fine but is more of a...
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    I have my pair of Ocellated Uro's for sale, these have not bred yet so will be great pair for someone for the coming year. Looking for £200 for the pair These are great lizards (if a bit skittish). Very entertaining and relatively simple to keep. Collection only from Widnes, cheshire PM me...
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    For sale my Breeding pair of Uromastyx ocellata Selling due to lack of time and missed a few egg lays due to this. very healthy and eating very well. pic of the last batch photos of adults to follow I'm looking for about £200 for the pair. regards matt
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    seeing as these are becoming more popular with people im wondering who has what uros? feel free to put up pictures of them too heres mine to start male and female 09 ornates who go by the names of pebbles and bambam my sub adult/adult geyri male called dino and heres the geyri with the female...
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    I have recently hatched a clutch of Uros, they are too small/young for sale at the moment, but i am trying to establish what sort of interest there is for them at the moment. They are 1 week old today, and I wouldn' be looking to sell them on until they were at least 8 - 10 weeks old.
1-20 of 20 Results