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    V18/V35 combo LP rack holding four of each sized tub. complete with all tubs, heat mats, and pulse stat. Very good condition.
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    Comes with 2 heat cables so can half half of the tubs heated or all 2 habistate thermostats good used condition looking For £700 i did fit it all in to a astra hatchback so no need for a massive car colletion is from near newmarket, suffolk
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    Hi I'm looking for some vision V18 tubs, must be in excellent condition and reasonably close to me or be willing to post. PM me with what you have available.
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    Brand new Vision V18 tubs imported from the USA never been used. £5.50 each, 20 for £100, can do slightly better price if bought in quantities of 100.
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    Im after a v18 hatchling rack
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    A large number of Vision V18 tubs are available, these are new and have never been used, imported direct from the states. Ideal for hatchling racks. £5.50 each or ten for £50. Can do a slightly better price on quantities of 50 plus.
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    As per title I am looking for some V18 tubs, please pm me with info, willing to travel but not to the ends of the earth! would also pay postage if possible
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    Welcome I have for sale my vision racks info as follow and prices V70 11 tubs 1 stats 1 heat cable £500.00 2 for sale V35 22 tubs 1 stat 1 heat cable £600.00 1 for sale V18 52 tubs (I think) 2 stars 2 heat cables 700.00 1 for sale All ready to go and will be f10 cleaned, I'm also open to...
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    Hi I've got 59 x v18 tubs 22 x v39 tubs These vary from good condition to needing a good scrub. The bottom pic is one of the worst. £250 the lot
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    I have for sale a 72 tub (v18. Eurorack (LP style rack), supplied with all heating (custom made heat strips, as OE ones just too short),also comes with 2 new pulse stats and 72 Mason & Cash water bowls, all tubs and rack in excellent condition. Looking for £700, photos can be supplied by way of...
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    Does anyone have any LP racks for sale v18,v35,v70.Let me know. Thanks Mike
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    Hi Guys, Looking for a Vision hatchling rack or equivalent. I have a V35 rack to swap or cash waiting either way. Looking at around £500ish but will go higher/lower depending on quality, etc. Any about guys let me know what you have. Cheers :2thumb:
1-12 of 12 Results