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    Variable Kingsnake Trio,all doing as they should. CB12 Orange Milksnake phase Female CB13 Milksnake phase Female CB13 Leopard phase male £100 the three. For the quickest response Email:[email protected] or text 07906113421 CB12 female CB13 female CB13 Male
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    All snakes are feeding and doing everything as they should unless stated. VARIABLE KINGSNAKES Males: CB13 Leopard Phase £50 CB13 Orange Milksnake Phase £50 Females: CB12 Orange Milksnake Phase £60 CB12 Orange Milksnake Phase £60 CB13 Milksnake Phase £50 DURANGO MOUNTAIN KINGSNAKES...
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    CB13 Variable Kingsnakes for sale,all doing as they should and feeding well on defrost mice. £45 Each South Wales Text or phone:07906113421 CB13 Male CB13 Male CB13 Male CB Male
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    House Move forces SALE : For sale are 1:1 Variable Kingsnakes - preferably sold together. Lampropeltis mexicana thayeri - Leonis phase - male and female. Gorgeous snakes - have been allowed to breed once last year with flawless hatchlings produced. Still in their prime - no health issues and...
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    Following Kingsnakes for sale: Variable Kingsnakes: 0.1 2011 MSP £60.00 0.1 2012 MSP £60.00 0.1 2013 MSP £60.00 1.0 2013 MSP £50.00 1.0 2013 MSP £50.00 1.0 2013 Leopard £60.00 1.0 2013 MSP £50.00 £300.00 for the whole group. California Kingsnakes: 0.1 2009 50/50 proven het albino £60.00 0.1...
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    2013 Variable Kingsnakes from Leopard line,both male,feeding and shedding well,£50 each. 2009 Female 50/50 California Kingsnake proven het albino,great feeder.£50.00 South Wales 07906113421 Male 01 Male 02 Cal king female
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    Wanted Lampropeltis mexicana mexicana Mexican King Snake Lampropeltis mexicana thayeri Variable King Snake preferably CB12 or any expected CB13s ... will consider any healthy (not over fed) CB11 please PM me with what you have and a photo - thanks
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    Wanted: Thayers Variable Kingsnake (Lampropeltis mexicana thayeri) or Greer's Kingsnake (Lampropeltis mexicana greeri). Adult female preferred. Cash waiting. All sensible offers considered. Will also consider some of the rarer/more interesting ratsnakes. Please PM. Thanks
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    I have an unproven pair of Lampropeltis alterna blairi, poss. hetero for anery. Bought them as male and female from reputable breeder (Unusual Albino Snakes) but was later informed that the person probing them was less experienced than they claimed so no guarantee. Here's what Pete said earlier...
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    2011 male Thayer's kingsnake, assist feeder. £30. 2010 male greybanded kingsnake, great feeder. £70. 2010 male normal royal, great feeder. £40. These snakes are being looked after by me for my sister, who is going through a breakup and cannot keep all her pets. The Thayer's needs a home...
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    This is as got as it gets, love these.
  12. Snake Pictures
    Some pics from today, the little leopard variable is out of this world. Another great future project.
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    These are my new blood variable kings, another great future project. I didn't take pics of them all, but here are a few.
  14. Snake Pictures
    Yeah, one year on, this was last years albino melanistic variable king.
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    This is a extremely nice boy, £70 at the Kidderminster show.
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    I've had loads of interest in these, lots of requests for snakes ready to go now. I have much more than this, some of which are on the photo thread, but they are not ready yet. I'm ok about anyone wanting to pick snakes out from that thread and putting their name on them, but it may take a few...
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    I have 2 variable king females, one of them has a small bump at the start of the tail, very colourful girl. The second is a chunky girl with very nice markings, both are 2009 and are going cheap at £60 each. Sorry about the pics of the yellow one.
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    The following pages will contain photos of the NUEVO LEON/THAYERI/VARIABLE KINGSNAKES that are for sale by SIERRA HERPS and can be imported as part of the March 2011 KING RUN. Here is a link to the KING RUN thread...
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    Here you go white.
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    Bred by Pete Q Eats/sheds fine - records available Good to handle
1-20 of 23 Results