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  1. Equipment & Supplies
    Hi, I have build my vivarium and need help picking the right varnish to finish it. What varnish would you recommend ?
  2. Habitat
    Hi all, Completed my big viv for my coastal last week (wednesday) it is now the following wednesday, I used yacht varnish to coat the inside and i am happy with the results and understand the waiting period for fumes etc my only issue is the smell i call it just a smell because it is not...
  3. Habitat
    Hi all! I've decided that, considering I am a poor lady who has only just gotten a full time job, that it'll be better if I make things for my future gecko beauty rather than buying the rather expensive ledges and backgrounds online. I was thinking of building the background, two ledges...
  4. Lizards
    I've got a big bamboo root that my rankins loves but unfortunately I'm very allergic to it so I was thinking of getting it varnished. Can anyone recommend a safe varnish I can use?
  5. Habitat
    Im currently building my own viv for a beardie. First time of having a go at this and to be honest im quite pleased with it :) Its all put together, glass fitted, background just needs painting and its done......the only thing is i didnt use conti-board and used some mdf that was in the loft. Is...
  6. Habitat
    Iv got some varnish to varnish my viv when I have sanded it all down its called " antique pine varnish" will I be ok to use this or is there a certain varnish I have to use?
  7. Habitat
    I planning on knocking up a few quick snake racks and they will not be lidless and so im wondering if its worth varnishing the shelves and sides? They are gonna be housing commmon boas so wont be high humidity and any leakage from water bowls should be absorbed by bedding so do you guys think i...
  8. Habitat
    hi i have just finished my fake rock build in my new Viv however i am unsure on what varnish would be best to use over the grouted polly any help would be very much appreciated thanks :) Fake****
  9. Snakes
    Hi ppl, want to get some expert :whistling2:opinions on this before i go ahead. Built me a 3x2x2 out of 18mm ply. What i want to do is stain and varnish. Got me water based varnish with low VOC's, my question is will it be ok for my snakes as long as its completely varnished over the stain? Or...
  10. Habitat
    Hi, can anyone recommend a good safe-for-snakes spray on varnish for backgrounds? I didn't think about how hard the design I made would be to grout and I doubt I'd every get it fully coated without a spray can. Thanks :2thumb:
  11. Habitat
    Hey Guys, I recently picked up an Exo terra with the 'Budda' background in it. I don't want to grout it as it will loose it's appeal IMO. However, i do want to make it water tight! If i varnished it would this seal it as it is or would it start to 'eat/dissolve' the background in any way? It...
  12. Snakes
    hi I am going to be building a background for my ball python and i know that you make it with polystyrene and then grout it and varnish it but i have a few questions ! 1. what order do i have to do these steps for instance do i need to varnish it before or after i paint it? 2. do i have to...
  13. Habitat
    I need to waterproof a viv, but don't have 6 weeks to air it as some do with yacht varnish, so any alternatives that dry quick, are non toxic, etc? Cheers, Jack
  14. Snakes
    I know you can use yachet varnish for high humidity vivs; but is wood protector safe?i saw some that stain yhe wood and protect from water for use on untreated wood to be used outsidr. obv it would be bone dry. but would it be safe to use with lizards and snakes?
  15. Habitat
    I know you can use yachet varnish for high humidity vivs; but is wood protector safe?i saw some that stain yhe wood and protect from water for use on untreated wood to be used outsidr. obv it would be bone dry. but would it be safe to use with lizards and snakes?
  16. Habitat
    Anyone know when the varnish smell will go away/will it ever go away? I made a fake rock bg from my geckos just over 4 weeks ago, and it still smells quite a bit of varnish and I'm wondering whether I should just bin it and start again with a different sealant? After reading threads on here...
  17. Habitat
    Sorry if this has been asked before, but is polyurethane varnish reptile safe (guess it is,with vivs being made of it, but just wanted to make sure) and roughly how long does it take for the fumes and smell to dissipate. cheers
  18. Habitat
    Hey I just made a hide for my snake, made from polystyrene then put 3x coats of grout the sprayed it grey and painted it to make it look like rock, only problem is it smells a bit inside the outside is fine, what would stop this and do I need to varnish it, if so what is a good affordable...
  19. Habitat
    Hey guys, iv decided that over the festive period ill make my own crestie viv, its probs gunna be a wooden structure with glass panels. Ky question is What varnish to use, i know What wood and other materials to use but i obviously the humidity needs to be quite high for cresties so the woods...
  20. Habitat
    Im putting live plants into a vivexotic wooden viv with a mix of topsoil and said. so therefore the wood is going to get damp from watering. what would people recommend to seal the viv as i dont want to be replacing the viv due to damp and rot!! would anyone recommend some kind of varnish...
1-20 of 40 Results