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    Merry Christmas all (sorry if thats to early for some lol) Back in the summer I purchased a VBB and I have tried something different with her. There isn't a whole lot of information around regarding the Orthriophis genus in general especially callycianous . There are a number of people that...
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    Female 2017 Captive Bred. Healthy and eating well. Possible shipping run in April. £75
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    CB 2017 Female - Healthy and eating well. No trades sorry.
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    The last of my 2016 blue beauties for sale. He's male around 4 feet long good to handle, and a good eater.
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    Full of hatred but so charming, Im in love with this bad boy :lol2: I was only trying to get the shed off the tip of his tail :(
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    Very reluctant sale of these snakes and I'm looking for good knowledgeable homes for them. If I don't find the right buyers, they wont be going anywhere. Delivery options: - Buyer can pick up - M30 Manchester - I will deliver but fuel cost must be covered at 30p per mile (one way) - Courier...
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    well here she is, she is growing nicely (she loves her food)
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    I have a VBB (blue beauty) for sale she is cb12 and eats like a pig sheds and defecates properly. Still has nippy days but these are rare now, she is getting less nervous all the time. I am selling her to make room for boas so I'm interested in swaps for a female boa must be a dwarf or dwarf x...
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    i called the vet today for the results of the post mortem i had done on a hatchling vbb which died on wednesday... it showed no internal abnolmalities or parasites... there was nothing in in it's stomach and it was severly malnourished.. the vet was unable to tell if it had ever fed.. so fairly...
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    New thread with price change: I have for sale a CB12 Vietnamese Blue Beauty that I have decided to sell in light of a change of direction in my keeping. I have been debating this for a little while and given that my keeping interests have moved elsewhere quite recently I feel it is better that...
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    I have a Vietanmese Blue Beauty boy for sale. He is just under a year old and approx 3.5-4ft long. He has never bitten and has only gone to tag once when he was very little. He sheds, poops and eats well. Lovely little guy, just decided rat snakes are no longer for me and want to focus my...
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    Arrived this afternoon :mrgreen: My lovely little VBB!
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    Hi guys, Im putting the feelers out for a subadult or adult female vietnamese blue beauty snake. Im based in manchester, happy to travel or courier. If anyone has a pretty girl they may be willing to sell, please get in touch : victory: very good home and money waiting!
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    I checked out a VBB today and am pretty tempted. I know they are known to be nervous and prone to biting when young but do they calm down any when they're older or is that pretty much a lifelong trait? Any word from those keeping them would be appreciated.... Thanks people!
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    Here is some phone pics of my vbb, shes feisty and comes with lots of attitude but growing well :)
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    I've been looking for this snake for a while and would interested in breeders numbers or anyone who has them for sale, thanks.
1-16 of 16 Results