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vegetarian lizard
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    Hi! I have two Desert Iguanas for sale. Perfect for people who don't like to feed bugs to their lizards - these are veggies! They are also a socialable lizard and do well in pairs or groups. They are both around two years old and have been kept together with no problems at all. They are...
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    Hi I have 0.0.7 normal chuckwallas for sale (Sauromalus ater) Sex is unknown, as they are born in November of 2010. They eat great and grow nice. Price is 100 euro each. I live in the Netherlands, I don't know why the map shows hungary :) , but I will go to the Hamm show in March. KR...
  3. Lizards
    I would like to purchase one or maybe a pair of veggie lizards, but fist i'd like to see a few veggie species. Im wondering if you'd help me with this and suggest some for me that you might have had experience with. thanks. :)
1-3 of 3 Results