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veiled chameleons
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    Baby Veiled Chameleons 3 months old, Males £15 Females £10 Please message for pics
  2. Lizards
    This summer I will be visiting London for 2 weeks, and I have an interesting quandary- I have 40+ veiled eggs in the incubator, scheduled to hatch in early to mid June. This is a couple of weeks before my trip to London. It sounds like there is an active Group of Cham enthusiasts in England, and...
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    s title says so here some upto date pics Lily saw bob now alot of bob size of bob feet damage they do Me with bob hope you like andy x
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    I have a number of baby Yemen Chameleons for sale in Portsmouth They are available at £30 each, collect only from Portsmouth I can discuss bulk purchase discounts pm/email for details I also have 3 slightly older/bigger juveniles available at £35 each (m 2 males, 1 female) I have both males...
1-4 of 4 Results