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vietnamese beauty snake

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    Proven unrelated pair 2016 Vietnamese Blue Beauty Rat Snakes - Orthriophis Taeniurus Callicyanous 05/2016 Female VBB measuring 8+ft. 08/2016 Male VBB Measuring 9+ ft. Both absolutely stunning snakes with the male being one of the best examples I have seen and both still growing. Male has a bit...
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    2020 Vietnamese Blue Beauty Rat Snakes - Orthriophis Taeniurus Callicyanous One of the photos is of the dad who is stunning and truly blue. Hatched July 2020, Strong healthy babies, eating and shedding great – ready for new homes now. These will become large snakes, both parents around 7ft+...
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    CB2016 Male Vietnamese Blue Beauty Rat Snake for sale Amazing snake with a great temperament, unlike some Vbb's this boy is quite confident and is great to handle. Different from most reptiles Vbb's are diurnal and largely active during the day, which is a nice change from nocturnal reptiles...
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    For sale is my CB15 Vietnamese Blue Beauty Rat Snake of unknown gender. Absolutely stunning snake, as its name suggests and is a reluctant sale. It eats well on defrosted rat fluffs, sheds and poos well. Handling is pretty good as i have regularly handled it since it was small but as with all...
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    Full of hatred but so charming, Im in love with this bad boy :lol2: I was only trying to get the shed off the tip of his tail :(
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    I'm looking for a Vietnamese blue beauty , I cant source any in Ireland so would need someone that would be able to get it to Ireland , Thanks in advance.
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    CB08 & CB10 Vietnamese Blue Beauty Rat Snakes Pair £300
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    1 female Vietnamese beauty snake light silvery bluish green colour she is very skittish and viv defensive about 7 foot. 1 male Taiwanese beauty snake dark green with black markings, he is very laid back and isnt really viv defensive around 8-9 foot and slightly thick (size). looking for around...
1-8 of 8 Results