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  1. Equipment & Supplies
    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas how to record video of nocturnal reps in their viv? Ideally this would record straight to my laptop and equipment should cost under £30 (although this is not set in stone as I am completely unaware of the appropriate price for my...
  2. Habitat
    Hi, Can anyone recommend a nocturnal light that will not disturb too much but allow viewing? Cheers John
  3. Habitat
    Hi, i have a full setup viv for a leopard gecko: 3 ft viv 3 hides beech chip substrate water and calci dish faunarium for live food gut feeder heat mat habistat however i need a bulb for night time viewing? I thought i could use this bulb...
  4. Newbie Advice
    I have subscribed to a thread, but dont know how to view it. Could you please help me?:lol2:
1-4 of 4 Results