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vinyl tiles
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  1. Habitat
    Hi all im planning on putting lino in my beardies viv, i want to have a lighter colour as im going to be going for the Australian/rocky theme once its finished. ive decided on two potential colours but cant decide! B&Q Select Self Adhesive Vinyl Tile Natural Beige Stone Effect (W) 305 x (L)...
  2. Newbie Advice
    Hi everyone, I have only just joined the site and have recently become the owner of a lovely little leopard gecko. He was somebodies unwanted pet and I have taken him on, he came in the viv he had been living in for the last year, it has sand substrate and a ceramic heat bulb, I know from...
  3. Habitat
    Hi all I currently keep leo's but am looking to branch out into the world of bearded dragons and just have a quick question on heating. I've read in many places including these forums that beardies require UV and a basking light but my local reptile shop (in Hastings) told me that I also need a...
  4. Habitat
    Just been and bought some self adhesive tiles for our leo's viv. Once they are stuck down is it safe to put the leo's back in or do I need to wait? Also will heat mat be okay with adhesive stuff ? Thanks
  5. Lizards
    I bought some vinyl floor tyles today (4 for a pound at poundland :2thumb:) to replace the paper towels that I'm using for The Dude's substrate and I was just wondering should I stick em in (as they have a sickie back) or leave em loose? I'm guessing keep em loose to take em out to clean em but...
  6. Habitat
    Hi Anyone used vinyl floor tiles in a beardie viv with success. Do they stay stuck down with the heat ? Does your beardie get enough grip on them? How about wear and tear with the claws any good? Your experience would be appreciated
1-6 of 6 Results