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viper boas
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    Hi I have 1.1 proven viper boas they are nice snakes just making some room. They eat DF mice of the tongs.Both are dark male almost black , the female has given birth a couple of months ago and is now putting some weight on again. I do have a table at Donny show Sunday the 19/06/16. the female...
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    dont seem to see any viper boas like any were at all any one keep viper boas. ? Thanks Lailock
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    Hi All Im looking for a candoia breeder. Can anyone help me, I would prefer carinata, or paulsoni. Many thanks
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    I have 1.1 red viper boas for sale 0.1 brown / yellow viper boa cash only
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    Im looking for viper boas 1.1 or 0.1, if you know of any for sale in shops of privately then please let me know :2thumb::2thumb: thanks
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    Pair of beautiful Viper boas. Rare and not often seen. Stand out from the crowd.
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    I have relisted these as they came into us a lot cheaper than first thought! We have two males and two females.
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    really cant believe how these havent sold. I still have a spare rack so any that dont sell this cheap I will just keep. Happy to answer any questions. Pics in previous threads. 0.1 2009 CA Hypo £200 (I was told this is a super when purchased, and easily believe it!) initially came from John...
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    I can email any pics on request, but kindly ask that you post them on the thread for me as I cant do it :) 0.1 CA Hypo £250 1.0 CA hypo £200 0.1 adult CA female £100 1.1 CA motley £250.£550 0.1 adult female hogg island £100 0.1 female sunglow £400 1.1 PROVEN Viper boas £300 (currently in...
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    hey all well im on the lookout for a few viper boas and colours and ages considered. will be looking for about 6 in total :2thumb:
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    I’ve just been reading on wikip (I know, I know) that candoia ‘females seem to only ovulate every 2-3 years’, can anyone confirm this? And if so is it just certain sub-species or all of them?
1-12 of 13 Results