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    How big of a group of viper geckos could I keep in a 4x2x2
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    For sale I have a breeding pair of viper geckos, both unbelievably chilled out and tame. Will quite happily chill out on the end of your finger all day if you let them! Both ready to breed and produce some gorgeous little geckos. Both geckos healthy and doing all they should, and both around a...
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    Ok I'm selling as I have lost all enthusiasm about breeding these, and if I can't get excited about these its time to stop and just stick to my pets. May deliver for fuel costs or meet half way. No couriers. Pics on request. I'm open to very sensible offers will have to be very close to price...
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    CB14 Viper Geckos Unsexed £44.99 Each
  5. Lizard Classifieds
    CB14 Viper Geckos (x10 Avaliable) Unsexed £44.99 Each
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    I have for sale viper gecko approx 6mths old thought to b male! Vipers r one of the smallest Geckos biggest they get is 9cm and approx 6g. They require heatmat/thermostat a exo terra or plastic storage box I maybe able to supply heatmat and box at extra cost! Eating micro crickets or mini...
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    Just thought I'd share this, just shows that snakes will eat anything! :lol2: Hungry Snake Picked The Wrong Dinner | I ****ing Love Science
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    Fairly high on my bucket-list is seeing an Ottoman Viper. We have a family holiday on the Greek island of Lesbos in September. Ottomans occur there. I would like some tips on finding one? I know the habitat but what time of day is likely to give me the best chance. Temperatures at that time are...
  9. Snakes
    I was privileged to be invited for a visit to see Luke Rutherford's collection of snakes in Redditch. Luke's a really nice guy and he has some absolutely beautiful animals, several of which are DWA. It is evident that he really looks after them too as they were all in perfect condition. As it...
  10. DWA Species
    Hi guys. I have no intention of buying any hot snakes in the near future (maybe one day) but I was wondering if anyone could point me towards any breeders/shops etc that deal with vipers (bush vipers more importantly but any will do) UK or otherwise. I'm just fascinated to have a browse and...
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    VIPER GECKOS - 2 female german line viper geckos. Very dark patterning. Both are early CB13. Can come with setup (hatchling viv, heatmat, bowls, hides, and decor). Looking for £40 each, £60 for both geckos or £100 for both with setup. CRESTED GECKO - Probable female crested gecko...
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    Hi everyone, I'm after 2 x female, sexually mature Viper geckos if anyone knows anyone? Please let me know, preferably un-related Many thanks Craig
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    0.0.4 Viper Geckos for sale all feeding, shedding and defecating well £80 for the group
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    4 viper geckos for sale, aged 2-3 months old. lovely little geckos, and fascinating to watch hunting Too small to sex at the moment. all are feeding very well on small crickets will sell singularly or as a group. All offers considered. collection from Bedford and will consider local...
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    Anyone got any currently?
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    Unfortunately I have made the very hard decision to sell off most of my collection due to a change in circumstances. I will be listing a few things over the coming weeks. Right now I 2 female Viper Boas (Candoia Aspera) up for sale. 1 is a big food fan and never misses a feed, the other is...
  17. Snakes
    Hey all! I noticed this gorgeous specimen likes to sunbathe right near where I am working - (Southern spain - Andalucia, near Malaga) I am an Ex Military medic and survival instructor ... so have a basic knowledge of reptiles, and initially put this down as a horseshoe whip snake, but then saw...
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    As the title says im looking for a trio of viper geckos or a few babies to have as pets if from baby or to breed if from adult pairs :) Anything in the midlands would be preferred. Or if you can deliver to the midlands for extra price contact me anyway and we can negotiate Cheers Lykul
  19. DWA Classifieds
    1.1 Naja Naja Sri Lankan CB11 £280 1.1 Naja Nivea cb13 £250 1.1 Naja Siamensis cb11 £300 1.1 T. Albolabris cb13 £75 1.1 C. Atrox Bisbee locality cb10 £175 1.1 V. Ammodytes Meridionales cb13 £140 cb13 C. Atrox het. albino, albino and bisbee available (£20, £40, £40)
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    TOKAY! Nowhere near enough appreciation for these guys, picked up this beautiful late CB12 female from a faultless store called Viper And Vine in Prestwich, Manchester. Been in a few times and couldn't fault them in the slightest, so I just had to get this beauty! :2thumb: