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    Looking for Viper Geckos PM me if you have any for sale... or are a breeder and have any available now or in the near future? Cheers
  2. Lizard Pictures
    Have about 16 eggs in the incubator and this is the first one to hatch. They are so small. Had to run out and get some pinhead crickets for the first feeding tonight.
  3. Snakes
    is there any viper species that arn't really dangerous?
  4. DWA Species
    Hi, I read somewhere that the West African Gaboon is now being considered a different species to the East African. changing its name from Bitis Gabonica Rhinoceros to simply Bitis Rhinoceros. Is this right? I'm guessing we're all still considering it a Gaboon and calling it the West African...
  5. DWA Species
    Just here to provide some intermission entertainment! :D
  6. Lizards
    Hi, I am just wondering if anyone is planning on taking any of these to Doncaster in June? I've been reading up on them and doing the appropriate research for keeping these little guys and was hoping to pick some up at the show. Thanks CrestiesRfun
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    Adult pair of Viper boas Candoia aspera aspera. Both feed incredibly well on defrost small rats. Have mated but no young yet. Female female belly Empty weight 560g Male yellow/tan belly Empty weight 415g £300 the pair.
  8. Snakes
    who hates this b:censor: and thinks his shows should be taken of tv when i saw him eat a viper in the desert i was so angry.
  9. Snake Pictures
    Hey People, here's my new viper boa i got him from the lizard lounge in sheffield :2thumb: he's amazing only got him yesterday take a look :D
  10. Habitat Pictures
    dont know how to delete posts sorry
  11. Lizards
    i was lookin at getting some viper geckos and it would be my first lizard so are they hard to look after also there quite expensive setup does any one no were to get an exo terra glass terrerium cheap and what size would be best (i was thinking of gettin 3 geckos) o and were can i get the viper...