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viv 3ft
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    I'm looking for two 3ft x 2ft vivariums for the new year, ideally Identical. As close as possible to Stoke-on-trent.
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    I have for sale a lime oak vivarium comes with red spot bulb and holder and u.v starter The viv is in good condition the backing is a bit scratched from having a tortoise 3FOOT by 18INCH by 18INCH (LxWxH) £30 Please call or text me on 07715348378 if interested
  3. Equipment Classifieds
    3FTX12x18(H) viv, fully planted, (no brom or waterfall as shown in pic though), comes with bottom drain for a pond system, includes sump and pump, home made stand, professionally made lid, and comes with dual 39w t5's, can allso come with 2 auratus el copes(add £60)
  4. Lizard Classifieds
    Due to a change in lifestyle, I'm having to sell my best friend and flatmate. Billy lives in his 3ft viv with heat lamp, and tube, as well as a digital thermometer. He loves his crickets as well as his greens, especially dandylion leaves and broccoli. He loves a bath and being stroked. I believe...
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    3ft viv in beech Comes with to light fittings
  6. Snake Classifieds
    selling a snake, and i have the vivarium left, 100watt bulb and a 75watt. heating matt is also included wooden climb, for the snake to climb up.. water bowl.. rubber wedge to stop doors being opened. all glass vivarium. viv is around 3.5 ft? bad with measurements.. :lol2: have pictures of...
  7. Lizard Classifieds
    I have, 1 Male (3 years) 1 Juvenile (Approx 8 mths to 1yr) The Juvenile is skittish but has never bitten, the male is usually relaxed. I would not recommed as pets for young children as they are wriggly. If you are interested in buying they can go as a pair and come with or without their...
  8. Equipment Classifieds
    I have a 3foot glass vivarium for sale, has a crack underneath the tank however there are no problems as it has been sealed professionally :no1::no1:cheap £30:no1::no1:
  9. Equipment Classifieds
    I have sold my royal and will be moving my boas into a different Viv when my beardies new viv comes this Saturday, 10.9.2011, so i'm going to have my viv stack spare. I'm looking to sell the viv stack so i don't end up putting new reps in their instead. the vivs can come with the bits in the...
  10. Lizards
    For sale i have a beautiful male Sinai Agama, he already has a blue beard and is eating and pooing well. Only a baby so small and skitish! Needs someone with a bit of spare time to get it used to being handled. He is going to be stunning when mature! Comes with a 3ft viv (little bit tatty but...
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    I need a 3ft viv or 2 smaller ones a.s.a.p, i only have £30 and the viv has to be as close to me as possible as i dont drive, if you could deliver that would be a big help! Otherwise if you have a viv stack i will swap you for my 3ft single viv if possible. Needed a.s.a.p. Thanks
  12. Equipment Classifieds
    The old thread go blocked up with Bumps and so I have made a new one and lowered the price from £50 to £35. I have for sale a 36"x18"x13" wooden vivarium. it is in really good condition and i have previously housed my male royal in it. It comes with Runners,glass,vents, and light fitting...
  13. Equipment Classifieds
    For sale £50 36 x 15 x 18" vivarium and 12" heatmat. Based in central Sheffield. Buyer pickup only as I dont drive. Please PM email address for photo/ photo to follow shortly.
  14. Equipment Classifieds
    Double or single viv wanted urgently - 3ft min Thanks cash waiting
  15. Equipment Classifieds
    For sale 3 foot vivarium. Dimensions: 36 inch long 18 inch high 15 inch wide In good used condition. Collection only from East Ham, London.
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    I have decided to stop keeping reptiles so I am getting rid of the rest of my vivs and equipment 3ft x 2ft exo beech viv. Sliding glass. Uv light and starter unit with ceramic heater. £60 3ft x 2ft exo beech viv. Sliding glass. Uv light and starter unit with ceramic heater. £60 4ft x 2.5...
  17. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi for sale is my old Vivarium & Accessories. Im selling due to moving house and having no room with a baby on the way the Viv comes with a Microclimate B1 Pulse Proportional Temperature Control System,Heatmat,Water Bowl,Large Exo Terra Reptile Vivarium Cave Hide Out,Artificial Deco. The...
  18. Lizard Classifieds
    I have for sale a sub adult pair of hypo beardies they are male and female pair they are stunning visual hypos they will come with a 3x2x2 viv with heat lamp fittings new ceramic heat bulb, uv starter and uv tube. Sorry there will be no stat with the viv as I need it for another setup. Here are...
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    this is a 3x18x18 all glass viv with 2 sliding doors in the front and a analogue hydrometer in the middle and an analogue thermometer at on end also have 1 x small exo terra clamp lamp 1 x medium exo terra clamp lamp 2 x large vine root just under 3 foot long 1 x heat mat 1 x exo terra xl water...
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    Hi Wooden viv, 36x18x18 inches will swap for large heat mates around 23 x 11 inches Based in milton keynes
1-20 of 23 Results