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  1. Habitat
    i have a big box of polystyrene sheets various sizes thickness's etc if anyone can make use of for a custom background or something free if collected im in preston will be going to tip next weekend if not
  2. Equipment Classifieds
    60 x 55cm polyurethane cut to fit 'CopiRock foam'aquarium/vivarium background unused in original packaging. £25.00 I'd prefer collection but courier would be equally acceptable.
  3. Equipment Classifieds
    Aquarium/vivarium background designed for 24 x 12"/60 x 30cm tanks Two available. Made for aquarium use so humidty not a problem. Each unit measures 58 x 31cm and are a good internal fit for Hagen fish tanks. I'd prefer collection but courier would be equally acceptable.
  4. Habitat
    Ive been working on this the last week or so and have taken some pics of the space board stage and grouting. below are some pics: in between the building stage i added some expanding foam inbetween the gaps to fill it out a bit. grouting stage: gonna add a couple more...
  5. Habitat
    It's not finished yet as I need to do one more layer of cement an then a lighter coloured grout followed by high light painting and sealing. Thi is a tester pic to see if I can post pix from my iPhone.
  6. Habitat
    can i use an aquarium type plastic background inside a wooden viv or would it melt, catch fire with the heat? or is there anything else i could use that is inexpensive,looks good and isnt too hard to do.......many thanks
  7. Habitat
    Evening all, this is our first attempt at a rock build and we are suitably pleased with ourselves, but would appreciate some opinions from anyone with a bit more knowledge than us! Also would like some advise on what to put in our 'hole' on the right... it was originally designed so that we...
1-7 of 7 Results