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  1. Equipment Classifieds
    as the title says wanted stackable vivs or custom built pieces!! will pay cash but must be cheap-ish!! cheers!! hope you can help!!! x zoe x :flrt::2thumb::flrt::2thumb::flrt:
  2. Habitat
    Hello, Ok, So I wanted to get some white contiboard to make a vivarium. But the oak finish looks alot nicer and matches everything, yet its almost triple the price of the white contiboard (according to B&Q). If I were to paint my vivarium on the outside, like the colour black. Would that be ok...
  3. Lizards
    Hello, I was looking a buying a new vivarium for my leopard gecko, but then when I went into store the prices were £40 for a 2ft (length) x 1ft (width) x 1ft (height) with a glass front. I ordered that for my King Snake but its fine but I do now what to spend £40. But will it be cheaper for me...
  4. Habitat
    heyyya this has been made by me and still being made by me.. just doing the last touches on it now.. and i will be selling this on when i finished it.. it will be great for a crestie, chameleon, day geckos or any lizard which requires height. it has ledges and slate ledges on the right hand side...
1-4 of 4 Results