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    Looking to do a swap/part trade for a 3', 4' or larger vivarium Currently have for sale 1.1 Nicaraguan T plus Albino Boas 1 Female Paraguyan Rainbow Boa 1 unsexed pinstripe royal True Nicaraguan Chaos Boa 1.1 leopard geckos male atomic rainwater with odd eyes & one normal het rain...
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    Hi, im looking for a new home for a small corn snake, has 2 be wooden and a medium size.. i have about 50 quid spare but will be needing a heat mat too.. in the accrington area, send me pics of what youve got!
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    As tittle wanted can collect either cash or maybe able to swap for some spare bits I have knocking about
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    as title says i need two 2ft x 2ft vivs for my geckos... Must be local or able to ship/deliver as i dont drive. Money waiting. Will consider a 4ft x 1.5 x 1.5
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    I'm looking for a second hand 3x2x2 ft viv for a leopard gecko with the basics: heatmat, thermostat, thermometer, ideally a couple of hides. Leo not arriving for a few months yet so no rush. Please PM me with details if you have anything suitable :) Either I can collect if in London, or go by...
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    Hi there! I am loking to se if some beloved kepers have a cheap medium [36"] Or a large [48"] Vivarium i could buy and have it delivered [I don't drive :(] And because we do not get paid a lot every month i ask if we can pay with instalments each month [And any spare cash in between!] Maybe...
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    hi looking for a 3x2x2 vivarium cheap im in mansfield i can collect from mansfield only any further and you would have to deliver
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    As title, I already have an oak viv which houses my dragon but after another to match for my new Boa. I have a works van so can pick up. What you got? Pics required please.
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    hi im looking for vivs or a racking system if you have any for sale could you pm me or call me on 07748463958
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    WANTED 5 or 6 X 2 X 2 FOOT VIV WILL PICK UP RIGHT AWAY AND PAY CASH CAN ALSO CONTACT ME ON: 07919901908 OR EMAIL: [email protected] Thanks : Tony.
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    Large cheap viv wanted 4x2x2 minimum
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    I am looking to buy a few vivariums for my growing boa and jcp collection, I have recently sold off all my old 4x18x18's as I found that they didn't have enough floor space. The vivs will need to be either flat packed or capable of being almost flat packed due to narrow internal door widths...
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    Hello, Now that we're down to one snake, we want to make his viv the feature of our living room. I've attached a (crudely drawn) pic of what we want and also a picture of the piece of furniture it needs to match (colour wise). I'd prefer a price delivered to Swindon (SN2 1FP) but, if you're...
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    Im after a vx48 4ft oak viv and a 6ft viv.
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    Im after a lx48 4ft oak viv and a 6ft viv.
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    hiya im looking for 5ft.6ft,plus vivs must be local or can dealiver can pay a bit of cash or swap reptiles please pm me and work out a deal :notworthy:
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    As the title says really, I unfortunately passed on my last one without thinking I'd need it again, wrong:bash: If you can help me out please get in touch with details, price etc. Kind regards Keith
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    Hi, I am looking for a 6 x 3 x 3 foot viv; let me know whats available please. Cheers Frosty(2532)
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    Hi all, I'm after a 4ft viv, in or around Medway Kent. If needed i can swap or px a 3ft in exchange. Please let me know what you have on offer, Condition not overly important as i have the spare vivs available so i can take my time to do repairs if need be. Kindest Regards Keith
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    Wooden viv , 4ft min , and at least 22 inches deep and high . Cash waiting
1-20 of 43 Results