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viv wood

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  1. Lizards
    Hey guys me again :lol2:, I will be ordering my crested gecko stuff tomorrow and i was just wondering where does everyone get there deadwood to let the little guy climb about from? i have been on ebay etc, but i cant seem to find any that would suit. Thanks in advance, Andy
  2. Habitat
    im going to be building a 5x2x2ft viv for a tegu...what is the best sheet wood to use, i have used MDF for my beardies 4x1.5x1.5ft viv, but i wouldnt want to use that again, it seems like it wouldnt like the humidity, im aware i will need to coat the wood in polyutherene(spelling?) but MDF seems...
  3. Equipment Classifieds
    Just about fits into a 45x45 exo terra. roughly 20cm high. works as a great base for jungle vines etc. PM if interested please :)
1-3 of 3 Results