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vivarium glass
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  1. Habitat
    Hi, Im currently building a vivarium and need help working out the height of the glass i need. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Equipment Classifieds
    We have just added black vivarium window wedges to our range. They are arguably better than the common white wedges as they do not show the dirt after the first 5 minutes of use! :D They look pretty cool too! They are priced at £1.20 per pair and postage is charged at £1.30 for first class...
  3. Equipment Classifieds
    Hi i have a 34*24*18 inch glass exoterra viv, very good condition but the mesh on the top has a few small holes where i put wires through. £50 for this atasuki vivarium 600*450*400 mm again v.good condition with a few small holes in the mesh top for wires. £50 for this, i have no photos as...
  4. Habitat
    Basically the title says it all Over the next few months i'm going to be building my own vivarium and i was wondering the length of the two peices of glass i'll need for the doors, i know how to measure the height with allowance fo the runners, it's just the length because of the overlap...
  5. Habitat
    Just pricing up making another viv, the last one I made was for my cham and has mesh panels so I've not had to buy glass before. Has anyone in the Bristol area bought glass for their vivs, and can suggest any reasonably priced sources? I'm probably going to be going for x2 panels, 3' high by...
  6. Habitat
    Im building a stack for leopard geckos out of wood, but im putting in a glass floor in each viv with heat wire underneath. What thickness glass should i use 4mm or 6mm? Im worried that if i use 4mm its not strong enough and 6mm may not heat up the viv as well as the 4mm. Does anyone know what...
  7. Snakes
    Does anyone know where to purchase replacement vivarium glass from? Is there somewhere online?
1-7 of 7 Results