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vivexotic ax48
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    Vivexotic AX48 4x4x2' (approx 120x120x60cm) can be used as one big viv or separated into two. It has now been cleaned and taken apart ready to go. The largest pieces are 4x2' so it can easily fit in a car. It is fairly straightforward to build and I have labelled each piece to make it easier...
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    £120 or nearest offer Vivexotic AX48 4x4x2' (approx 120x120x60cm), can be used as one big viv or separated into two. Can be seen before it is taken apart, breaks down into 4x2' sheets so it fits into a car with the back seats down. Light fittings, vines, bamboo not included; shelves can be included.
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    Almost unused vivexotic ax48 in Winchester Oak. With Arcadia acr30 light controller, light fittings, lucky reptile thermo socket lamp and bulb, heat mat, fake rock background, large branch, six lucky rep plants so almost all you could need. Please message me with an email address if you'd like...
  4. Habitat
    Hey all, Mr. Caff here with something I have been thinking about for a little while. I want to make my Chuckwalla Chilli a truly awesome present for Christmas, A new home :2thumb:. Let me explain, I have been talking to another member (LoveMySnakes) about Chuckwalla everything, from diet to...
1-4 of 4 Results