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v/large viv
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    selling my custom -made plywood viv due to lack of room, & change of plan in breeding my boa. vivis 7ftx4ftx3ft:gasp: stunning viv, fitted with 6mm toughened glass,cushion floor lining,very large bamboo running full length of viv(built-in), 2x raised platforms, forest effect back-ground. to big...
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    hi im selling my plywood custom made viv, due to lack of space & a change of plan breeding boas. its 7ftx 4ftx 3ft, with toughened 6mm glass, cushion floor base, forest back-ground, built-in platforms x2, v/large bamboo fitted running full length of viv, stunning viv:2thumb:. to large to be...
1-2 of 2 Results