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    Hello, I have 4 sharp ribbed newts (Pleurodeles waltl) that need a new home - 3 males 1 female. I have had these guys for 9 years and they were rehomed to me, so I can't say for sure how old they are. I'm looking more for a retirement home - they rarely breed now and a lot of the females...
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    I have for sale some of this years Spanish Sharp Ribbed Newts (Pleurodeles waltl). Very active aquatic species that is an interesting alternative to an axolotl. Active day and night. £5 each. Approximately 2.5 to 4 inches at the moment but will get very large. Photo of parent below is 9.5...
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    I am selling my breeding pair of Spanish Ribbed Newts which are heterozygouse for leucistic. Only reason I'm selling them is so I can use the tank for other species that I will be breeding. Nice young pair, will produce plenty of eggs in the future. Asking for £50 which is what I paid for them...
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    Looking for a female pleurodeles waltl, either het. For leucism or Leucistic but preferably het. Thanks. Stuart
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    Thought it would be better to check than end up sorry tomorrow. Male has her upside down, they are facing opposite directions and was wondering if there was a danger he may drown her if he keeps her like that? He certainly ain't fathering any babies in that position. Do I need to seperate them?
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    still looking for a female spanish ribbed newt (Pleurodeles waltl) in the london area. collection only, as i'm not entirely happy with posting any animals. can collect from london and surrounding areas of west london. can anyone help?
1-6 of 6 Results