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wanted crested gecko
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    Hi, looking for a baby crested gecko in the southampton area for £35 or under. Contact me with details & pics, thanks!:2thumb:
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    Hi, I'm looking for a crested gecko and setup please. Age, sex and morph unimportant as long as healthy as will be a family pet and not used for breeding. Needs to be quite close as I don't drive, can get a lift to pick up but don't want to take the mick lol Thanks :2thumb:
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    Hi i am looking for a female crested gecko. If you have one for sale please send me an pm. Must be reasonably local so i can pick up. I have a albino pacman frog that i could swap with payment if wanted, but happy to pay also. Thanks a lot
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    Hello, I feel I have read up enough and am ready to start breeding crested geckos and I would like to start either Christmas time this year or 1st season next year. I don't mind on the morph of the crestie as long as it's a rather nice one. I am also looking for a baby gargoyle gecko, also not...
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    I am looking for a green female crested don't want juvenile, looking for a adult that once quarantine is over can go in with my other greens, please pm me with what you have as I don't come on here much, Thanks Heather
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    hi,im looking for a Dalmation/ halloween/ blonde/ or (something a bit special) crested gecko ADULT FEMALE to pair with my male nxt yr,near b65, or delivery? pm plz:flrt:
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    I am looking for about a 1 year old male crested gecko (flame preferably) *to breed with my 1 year old half flame around the east Sussex area!* Thanks
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    Hi, I am looking for a crested gecko to buy, has to be within 8 to 10cm in length. I live in northamptonshire so local cresties i will be able to collect. If anyone is selling one or knows anyone selling one PM me. Thanks Dan.
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    Hi I am after an adult female to go with my male, The Mighty King Donny. I am interested in any ladies who are blond, dalmation or anything else interesting. Just had my overdraft extended so cash is waiting.:2thumb: Willing to travel a bit but not to the other end of the country. Cheers Matt
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    Hi, I'm looking for a (preferably young, but age doesn't matter too much) crested gecko. I'm not bothered about patterns or colours, as long as its in good health, and I'm not going to be breeding. Male or female, either is good. Basically, I'm not too fussy. I don't mind travelling, but...
1-10 of 10 Results