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wanted hognose
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    Hi all, i know probably wrong time of year for one, but I am wanting a western hognose. Not sure on my price I would pay yet, but i know local shops don't sell them. I want it around the end of december beginning of jan, and already have the full setup suitable for anything upto 1.5ft. I'm not...
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    Looking for a female hoggie, cant be too far away thanks
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    hi just been asked by a friend has anyone got any western hognoses avalible idealy close or can courier many thks
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    Hey guys, Im looking for a female hognose to breed with my male, obviously it needs to be either breeding weight or near. I cant afford silly money but if you have a female youre wanting to get rid of, please either post or pm me. Im away until the end of the week so pm Becky18 if thats ok...
1-4 of 4 Results