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wanted viv
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    Looking for a viv for my water dragons 4x6x2
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    As it says am looking for a small(ish) viv for a friend of mine who wants to start keeping snakes ideally 2-3ft with everythin or nothin in it doesnt matter too much ..... show me what you got thanks shaun
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    Does anyone have a viv / tank / terrarium for sale ? im in colwyn bay , for newly acquired snake ( came by very unexpectently or would have bought before ! ) must be no smaller than 2.5 foot lenght . Can pick up within reasonable distance . useing a huge rub at the mo but we have condensation...
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    hi there, im looking for a 4 or 5ft viv, its for bearded dragons, if it has light fittings it would be prefered although not essential as i can sort it out. location as close to leigh or wigan if possible and if could be delivered would again be prefered but not essential. cash waiting for...
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    Want a viv. Exo terra really the large 1 With are with equipment. Want to house 2 are 3 geckos Let me no wat u got
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    as above really,i am quite desperate for these,cash waiting and can collect, does any1 have anything?
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    as above really,condition un important as long as its usable,woud consider a four foot for the rite price,cheap as poss please,does any one have anything? cash waiting this is urgent, can collect or meet in the southwest area
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    i have my water dragon currently in an aboreal viv but when putting the glass back in the glass broke !! :bash::bash:i thought about replacing the glass and have a piece standing infront of it temp but needed a new viv neways so im selling this one to get a new one as it has draws underneath and...
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    as above pm me with what u have :)
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    hello got loads of baby bearded dragons coming soon so i think a need bigger viv than 3ft as am wanting to keep some bacl also ... am looking for a 4ft+ wooding viv if posable but glass would do it can come with evrythink or nothink in it at all as i have stuff to put in it but would be...
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    im wanting to put my two leo geckos together, so im looking for a decent enough vivarium to house them in :notworthy: im looking for one thats not going to be so small they cant move, but so they can run around and explore but not get lost :lol2: If you do have any vivariums to offer me plz...
1-11 of 11 Results