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    Two monitors died on me with the exact same issues...What is happening? I've never had these kinds of issues with reptiles before. I was told they were captive hatched, but I'm not so certain. I bought a water monitor Baby off of a Craigslist listing a few weeks ago. This monitor did not seem...
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    i am thinking of selling my male water monitor varanus salvator he is approx 3 to 3.5ft long not the friendliest to get out but does calm down after a few minutes once out eats anything offered mice,chicks,rats,pink rabbits taking from feeding tongs more pictures can be sent if required
  3. Lizards
    I love this time of year when loads of baby mertens water monitors (Varanus mertensi) hatch at philipniceguy exotics.
  4. Lizards
    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has their water monitor or indeed any other lizard insured ? I am swaying towards getting him insured as he will get huge along with the possibility to have huge vet bills ! If so who is the most respected insurer ? Thanks
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    Hi All, I eventually got a new lizard after much deliberation on what lizard to get. I got a CB Asian water monitor approx 7mths old. Looking for a bit of advice on taming..... I got him 1 week ago and put him in his viv and after a 3hr drive to get him home I decided to just leave him be for...
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    My water monitor who I've had just over a year suddenly has grown a lump in his throat and his isn't using his back legs or moving his tail around much. Does any one have any idea what might be wrong? This all happen once he didn't have day basking light for a week because the bulb broke and I...
  7. Lizards
    Free to a good home sumatran water monitor 5ft coming up 3 years old contact paul on 07413154271 collection only from epsom surrey
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    I have for sale some CBUK mertens water monitors (Varanus mertensi) these are the Australian water monitors. Much more outgoing and braver than there asian cousins (varanus salvator) and a much more manageable adult size females 3ft males just over 4ft. Great personalities
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    I have 2.2 black dragons aka melanistic water monitors (Varanus salvator komaini) Stunning flawless animals between 1-1.2m will sell singly for £1750 or £3000 a pair
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    I have 3 stunning CBUK cumingi water monitors aka Yellow water monitors (Varanus cumingi) Flawless animals. Tong feeding well around 40-55cm currently £800 each or 2 or more for £650 each
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    Due to unforeseen circumstances and lack of space my mate has asked me to list this. Exact age is unknown but believed around 18-24 months judging by size. The monitor is viv aggressive and needs an owner who is not frightened, he does calm down a bit once out of the tank but has just not been...
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    Does anyone know of any breeders or owners of an Albino Water Monitor? Just testing the water, been looking for awhile now but no luck, so thought I would ask. Seen some in the US from New England Reptile Shop for $7500 which seems a fair price as how rare these are. All replies welcome...
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    I have a young Asian water monitor I'm looking to trade for royals, no normals and preferable grown on or older. Alleged female, eating everything, not tame but can hand feed.
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    For sale is my young Asian water monitor, approx 18 inches, does all she should. She's not tame but will tame down with time. She will take food from your hand though
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    I have for sale a number of CBUK baby mertens water monitors bred by myself. They are £800 each 2 for £1500 4 for £2200. these are the aussy water monitors adult males get to around 4.5ft females around 3ft much more suitable monitors to keep than salvators with a much more bold/not shy...
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    believed to be male eats and poo as should not the tamest open to sensible offers
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    I have for sale a number of water monitors, they are all currently under 40cm most are under 30cm. Water monitors (Varanus Salvator) 0.0.10 £150 each babies 30cm TL Water monitor sananas locality CF Ziegleri (Varanus Salvator) 0.0.2 £300 each both for £550 babies 25cm. These are believed to be...
  18. Lizards
    Hi all - I am in a position to lay plans for next seasons project. This will be a large arboreal display vivarium. At the moment I have a small pool in a custom arboreal enclosure - which basically comprises of a Gorilla Glue lined polystyrene box ~ approx 40cm X 30cm X 15cm. It has a small pump...
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    Regrettable sale of this guy. Proven breeder, 100% male asian water monitor. This guy is ridiculously tame, extremely laid back and chill. Eats well, is currently in shed so quite dull unfortunately. Big guy, but a big friendly giant. Everything you could want from an Asian, this guy has. Size...
1-19 of 79 Results