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weaner rats
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    As title states I have a few more than i need at the moment £40 for 30 live weaners Collection from Urmston Manchester
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    Weaner rats available £2.50 as singles. Will discount for large numbers. Based in the Lincoln area. Can deliver around this area for cost of fuel. Large numbers available. Both sexes available Also have live mice available £1.50 as singles, again will be able to discount for larger numbers...
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    Just to make this clear we are not dealers but have received a shipment of frozen rats that are too small, so this is a one off. We have been told that it was due to a website problem and the sellers not getting our instruction on size. The seller has agreed to take them back for a refund...
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    Hi I have small weaner rats for sale £1 each (10 ready now) also 2 adult female (medium size) Will do a deal if u take the lot. PM for detail as don't always get notifications. Thanks
  5. Snakes
    Hi I am based just outside Peterborough, I have small rat weaners (live) £1 each. Please PM me if interested. I also have 2 large females ready to go too £3 each. These have been home bred for food.
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    SO, in a previous thread I stated that I finally got my Izzy to eat :2thumb: But, I'm debating to myself at the moment whether to give her larger meals in upcoming weeks. The reason I am debating is because when I purchased her they said she is on small weaner rats... well she is nearly 2 years...
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    I have around x50 weaner rats available at £1 each collection from junction 37 off m4 inbox please
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    Hi there, As the title states,i need live rats preferably small/med/or large for my 3ft boa.He wont take defrosts at the moment,i have tried him on heated up defrosts to no avail.If anyone has any pls get in touch:2thumb:. Regards Stuart.
1-8 of 9 Results