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  1. Snakes
    if i go on google and type in Adams Corns , my website is at the top of the list is this a good thing ?? Many thanks
  2. Spiders and Inverts
    I've been fairly inactive on these forums recently, mainly due to the hostile environment it is becoming. I've tried to not post and to only give what advice I can through PM so as to avoid the train of people now on this forum seemingly for the sole reason of annoying others. The tarantula...
  3. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    Hi all, I've ran my website for a while now, but I've recently redesigned it and rewrote most of the information on there. You can view it at It's now organised into articles and I've recoded it so that it's iPad/iPhone compatible, as the old site had a few issues with...
  4. Shelled - Turtles & Tortoise
    Hi All, Currently re-doing my website as I think there is a lot of information lacking on most (not all!) sites aimed at the basic keeper. I have written most of my articles and obtained most of the pictures either by taking them myself, or acquiring them from my friends. I am writing one...
  5. Snakes
    Hey guys, I'm not a beginner to snake-keeping; but then again, not a pro, I myself have a 5 or 6 year old Classic Corn Snake, and take a lot of care of her. But now, I'm looking to get a new snake, my Corn Snake is just over 4 ft long, and I am looking a larger snake, something like a 6ft-8.5ft...
  6. Misc Reptile & Exotics Classifieds
    If anybody is interested in a custom website then I have a few packages to offer. It's easier to just drop me a quick PM to discuss further as everybody will want something different and their own quotes etc. So shoot me a PM if you are interested and I'll get back to you with more info on...
  7. Newbie Advice
    come and check out my new website recently bulit
  8. Snakes
    Hi R.F.U.K. Anyone have a good website who sell all the foos types that corn snakes live on. By this I mean pinkies up to adult mice. Thanks in advance!
81-88 of 99 Results