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  1. Newbie Advice
    First of all let me apologise for not joining earlier... :gasp: I have just sat reading numerous threads and went to post a reply to find out I was not a member !!!!!! I have 5 corns and 4 Royals (at the moment) Looking forward to replying and reading as I was amazed to see how active you all...
  2. Hey

    Hey Guys, Thanks for having us. We are new on here and are looking at a little start up reptile shop with the aid of an already established reptile shop. So lots of hard work, lots of courses, and lots of lovely reps/spiders and possibly amphibs too!! see you all soon Ginger & Funk
  3. Hi

    New to the site finding information and help very good and the sense of humor great.
  4. Lizard Pictures
    We are completely new to reptiles but did alot of research before setting up and getting this little guy. His name is Kaji, which we thought was appropriate for a Sambava as it means "out of control fire" in Japanese. He already has bits of dull red on his eyes and his tail... The only thing is...
  5. Introductions
    As this post had pics in, I thought it would be better in the Lizards pics section, please feel free to delete this. Hey guys/gals, I've been on the forum in the background for a while now so i thought it was about time I said hello. Here are some pics of my babies lol Frankie, our 1 &...
  6. Introductions
    Hello there, I'm Felix, 20 years old and live currently in the South east of England near Brighton. I am originally from Germany, so please excuse any mistakes ;P After having read endless amounts of posts I've finally decided to register myself and well, here I am. I'd just love to say Hi and...
  7. Introductions
    Hello RFUK! Very new here, so let me introduce myself! My name is Katie and I currently live In Norwich. Soon to be living with me my first Royal Python, Cedric. :) He was born on 9/6/2010 and was bought from the Kempton Park Reptile show a few weeks ago. (he is staying at my others half's...
1-7 of 7 Results