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west mids
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    As above any corn snake breeders in the west midlands area. A friend of mine is after a good local breeder.
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    1. exo terra vivarium 45x60x45 like new only used for couple weeks to house hatchling cham's in but now all cleaned out looking new with twin canopy which will hold up to 4 bulbs and i also have a spot light ballest too, ALL exo terra £170 2. x1 Exo terra vivarium 45x45x45 with raised floor as...
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    :welcome: Hello, the reptile shack is a family run exotics store, run by helpful owners, Jan and John. we are based in the town of Kingswinford, near Dudley in the west midlands. we have been in the pet business for over 40 years. here is our current stock-list: SNAKES cornsnakes from £20...
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    4x2x2 (or near that size 4x18x15 minimum) Needed before 28th OCT due to house move! Any colour, but in good condition. No equipment needed either! Basically, Im moving out, but my 7ft Boa is in a 4x2x2 lift-top chest type viv - and due to space constraints - I need a front-opening viv, so I can...
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    as above, would prefer male. JOHN
1-5 of 5 Results