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western hognose snake
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    A three year old proven female western hognose that has been through brumation and is ready to breed this year. In super condition. A full set up may be available if required at extra cost.
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    I have the following Hognoses for sale, I am reasonable and open to sensible offers. 2018 0.1 Toffeeconda £250 1.1 Anaconda 66% het Toffee £50 each 4.0 dh Ghost (Axanthic x Evans Hypo) £50 each 2017 1.0 Eastern Hognose £300 2016 1.0 Lemon Ghost £200 1.0 Anaconda 100% het Toffee* £100 0.1...
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    Hi What size heat mat do I need for a Western Hognose that is housed in a 2ft vivarium. (hognose is just under 2 ft and will be moved to a bigger home when grown) TIA
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    I want to get a western hognose snake pretty soon but I don't know where to get it from. I have tried online but no-one seems to ship reptiles of any kind to NI. The shop I normally buy my reptiles from has closed down so I was wondering if anyone knew of any good, reliable reptile shops...
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    I have 14 hognose snakes.. All shed pertfect but one.. I have a adult shes a proven breeder, she eats weekly without no messing about, shes active and drinks well.. the thing thats got me confused is she goes dull then goes into blue then goes back to normal so i check her viv for her skin...
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    CB15 hatching het toffee belly.. all eating twice a week on unscented pinkys.. still a little hissy but handled often. all shedding and toileting as they should. all have lovely markings. get in touch if you want anymore info Thanks for reading
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    Hey all, I'm Matt. Got my first (and currently only) reptile for my 18th birthday - an albino anaconda Western Hognose named Athena. She's about a year and change old now! She... doesn't understand how eating works. Some pics from when I got her vs now! A few weeks old (picked her up at 3...
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    2014 CB bred Western hognose All Hoggs have had minimal 6 feeds ready now i am open to reasonable offers also any questions please just send a message or call (07899586299) Hognose 2014 1.0 Anaconda het pink pastel £320 0.1 Anaconda het pink pastel £320 0.1 Anaconda het hypo £280 1.0...
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    2014 male and female anaconda hognoses. both eating great. lovely colouring and pattern. £350 a pair males £180 females £200 collection ramsgate kent or can arrange courier. delivery possible local. [email protected] tel paul 07767122406
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    18 months old, eats well, sheds well. No issues. Move forces sale. 3 foot Vivarium and decorations included. Any questions please ask.
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    I have eight newly hatched albino hognose snakes. Once feeding, will be sexed and available for £125 each. Pictures will be on my websiteWest Country Reptiles soon. You can register your interest prior to this by contacting me via email on my website or message me here. Thanks, Steve.
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    Hi I am after a female western hog nose or two to pair to my male. My dad does travel around delivering so depends where you are but should be able to collect. Please feel free to contact me. : victory: Thanks Tom :2thumb: Also need a female albino gopher...
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    Hey due to various life changes I'm having to reduce my collection. All my animals are healthy, eating and pooing fine. If you want any pictures or details on any of the reptiles PM me. 1.0.0 Banded Knob-tailed geckos Nephrurus wheeleri £80 1.1.0 Western hognose snakes Heterodon nasicus Large...
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    hi does anyone know any breeders or may have for sale a hognose snake its for my uncle who is interested in them. cheers :2thumb:
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    Hi, I've recently posted a thread about what I want to do to make my soon to be royal python feel at home when I get it, as he will be my first snake. I'm super excited about getting him :2thumb: Now I'd like to ask anyone who keeps or knows about western hognoses (H.nasicus) for info :) Are...
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    He is 4 years old, eats 1 fuzzy a week, is a good handler. Sheds and poos fine. Comes with a complete setup; aspen substrate, coconut hide, piece of wood, bowl, 2 fan plants, heat bulb and fitting. Thanks Photos at...
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    Cb11 female western hognose with simple rub set up incl heat mat, bedding, thermometer etc. Used to being handled.
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    I have a young female western hognose, well handled. May swap for viv set up for leopard geckos or bearded dragons. Also looking for baby musk or reeves turtles with set up so may swap for these. Snake comes with full rub set up.
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    I have a young female western hognose with an rub set up, I may swap her for a vivarium set up for either my 2 leopard geckos or my single bearded dragon. I am also looking for a pair of baby musk or reeves turtles with set up so may be willing to swap her for these.
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    As part of down sizing my collection to reduce overheads I have decided to sell one of my adult female Western Hognose at £65. She is the normal colour variant in perfect condition, excellent to handle and a super feeder. Originally hatched in July 2008 and has laid one fertile clutch of eggs...
1-20 of 29 Results