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western hognose
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    Hi guys, so my hognose has just recently shed this morning. I have just noticed this unusual behaviour he’s been doing since then, he hasn’t ever done this before after he’s shed. I have checked him over and can confirm it’s a full shed so I have no idea what he’s doing. I have attached a video...
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    Hello community, I would like some advise please. I am new to snakes but made sure I done some research before purchasing one. I have a 7month old western Hognose, we brought her in December 2020. She has been eating PERFECTLY (2x T/F pinkies), up until the 25th January. She hasn’t eaten since...
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    What are the weights for western hoggies? My little man is refusing food atm and I'm worried he might have lost weight, he's 180g atm The reason I'm asking is that I heard that males tend to get up to 120g and females from 150g to 350g, is it possible that he could be a she?
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    Hi everyone, I've recently come across this hoggie advertised as a female conda; however, it doesn't scream conda to me and based on the parents, could be a normal. Can anyone give me their opinion on whether this is a low expression conda or just a normal? Thanks! :2thumb: Image here...
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    Hi all, I'm considering putting a deposit on this snake - it's marketed as a conda het toffeeglow. Parents were Albino x Toffeebelly conda het albino. Just curious as the saddles still look quite large, would you agree that this is in fact a conda rather than just a normal? Thanks in advance! ...
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    I have had my western hognose snakes for a while and i am about to start working on breeding. I have done a ton of research and i have seen a couple terms come up that i am not sure what they mean. the term "AAA" and "AA" are something im not sure of. I currently have a female anaconda morph not...
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    3.2 baby western Hognoses, clutch DPh19a. Pairing was a het albino to a Purple Line Evans Hypo het albino and there was a visual albino in the clutch who is a holdback. Born in June, all listed have taken 5+ unscented meals now and come with full feeding records. Father is out of Phil Carter’s...
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    Hi, I am new to learning the morphs of the Western Hognose and struggling to find online info. Can anyone recommend a guide? Id like to know what morphs are available and which morphs you have to cross to make another morph if that makes sense? TIA
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    Hello all, I've been a lizard owner for a while now but I recently got my first snake in the form of a young female western hognose. Everything had been going well for the first ~month and a half that I've had her, but for the past two weeks she has stopped eating food. In the picture below...
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    I have babies available from the following pairing: Axanthic ph Albino x Pistachio ph Albino The clutch proved out the albino. 2019 Normal 100% het Pistachio 100% het Axanthic 66% het Albino (Infinity ph Snow) Located in Grays, Essex and have a table at the IHS shows in Doncaster. Follow...
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    I have the following Western Hognose snakes available. 2015 0.1 Pink Pastel Albino £250 2016 1.0 Evan's Hypo £60 2018 1.0 Toffee Superconda £500 0.1 Toffee Anaconda £225 2019 3.3 100% het Axanthic / Pistachio 66%het Albino £300 a pair Collection or courier from Grays, Essex I have a table...
  12. Snakes
    I made a little video on how I feed my hatchlings and some ideas on how to get the stubborn feeders going. I also try and show the difference in size prey for different aged snakes. Although this is for my Hognose snakes, the theory could be used for other colubrids...
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    A three year old proven male western hognose that has been through brumation and is ready to breed this year. In super condition. A full set up may be available if required at extra cost.
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    Wanted: a western hognose, any age. Willing to swap a one year old female corn snake.
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    Hey I am new here, I have rainbow boa, a western hognose, and a argentine bw tegu. I wanted to know what is the best heat source for them at night. I know they all have different temperatures. But I wanted to know if what I am doing now is good or not. Right now I am using a heat emitter for the...
  16. Breeding
    My first post here so I hope I'm doing it right I recently acquired my first female hognose ready for my first breeding project I'll be starting next year. She is currently 3-4 years old. I've heard female hognoses need to be around 300 grams to breed but my issue is she is almost double this...
  17. Snakes
    This little 1.3l Braplast rack is from Aluracks | racks, terrarium and more and appears to working quite well for the Hognose hatchlings. Come November, some of these will be proper little fatty.
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    Peublan Milk Snake and Westetn Hognose. Both CB14. Both unsexed. £20 each or £30 for both. Collection Manaton on n Dartmoor Devon.
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    The following clutches have hatched from the following pairings: 1.0 100% het PPA £45 This was a surprise hatchling based on the pairings this season (PPA x PPA) and suggests that it may be retained sperm from a pairing last year of Evans Hypo x PPA? Without certainty I'll stick with just the...
1-19 of 367 Results