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which snake
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    Sorry XD I've had corns for a year now, and - though of course I love them - I feel the need for a less...wormy...addition :lol2: I'd like a slightly larger, more challenging species - Looked at royals, but their annoying appetites are a little off-putting. I could be very easily talked into...
  2. Snakes
    I'm hoping to get yet another snake next week but I can't decide wether to get a Florida kingsnake with awesome colour and attitude or this albino bull snake who is completely tame, please help
  3. Snakes
    Hi Relatively new hear but no stranger to reptiles I had quite a few a few years ago, I am now bitten by the bug again and I have never had the above pythons,I would like to keep them in the house and would be having them as a display snake. I have no desire to breed which would make the...
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    I'm craving another snake... Just don't know which one. I love royals... but they're not very active and can be funny feeders. I love boas... but they're a little too big and I don't have the space. A dwarf would be good, but true dwarfs I think are out of my price range, and I don't wanna...
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    hi all my wife is after a small that would be ok to be housed in a 18"x10"x10" tank if there is one so any info would be great thanks
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    Hello all, I have a spare 3x2x2 viv but not sure what to put it in. Dont want a royal. Already have a dwarf boa which I like alot. Would like something active with character which is not to bad to hold occasionally. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks all.
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    i have been allowed to get 1 possibly 2 new snakes. so far i think one will be a black rat snake, and the other possibly an irian jaya carpet python. i was just wondering if anyone could suggest any other options? i was considering getting a bicol retic from fila retic, but the importation etc...
1-7 of 7 Results