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whitelipped python
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    d,alberts /whitelipped python for sale or swap for female royal morphs or female brbs.whitelipped is about 18 mnths old 2.5 ft weights 400g eats sheds poos as should sex unknown
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    Im a great lover of this snake and would love to add a young one, preferably a hatchling to my collection. Does anyone know any shops or breaders selling macklotts/whiteliped pythons close to manchester. Any help would be much appriciated.
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    This is Honey...she is my pride and joy...jewel of my her to pieces.... Shes a Northern (golden) Whitelipped python (Leiopython albertisi), CB02 She normally eats large rats or quails every 2/3 weeks but given her huge size (just over 8ft which is big for a northern) I...
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    Male white-lip python Captive bred 2007 by Christian Castille Only around 5ft in length and small for age Proven breeder and feeds well on poultry Viv defensive but becomes calmer out of the vivarium with slow handling. Selling due to having too many males Pick up from Stoke or donny show £220
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    07 female whitelip python, bout 6 ft, usual whitelip temprament. feeding and shedding fine. I couldnt find a male to pair her up, and other projects have tickled my fancy in the mean time. buyer collects
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    Its with great regret I've decided to put this girl up for sale. The reason is purely financial and I've decided on a last in, first out policy. She is cb10 born in May and was purchased from a trader in Hamm. Shes got a wonderful attitude, slightly viv defensive but great to handle. She...
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    These guys have phenomenal gobs! They can really take large prey considering the size of the snake. She's been on rats this size for a while now, and has grown a bit since she started on them...even considering moving her up once this lot have been eaten.
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    This is my male wlp Jake. Hes an 07 and 5ft long. Hopefully gonna be my girls new boyfriend...(photos are :censor: sorry, taken on my phone)
1-8 of 8 Results