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whitelipped pythons
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    Due to recent house move i no longer have the space long term For my proven pair of whitelipped pythons male is cb06 female cbo8 both eat and shed well have been together this year but not Witnessed any locks they proved out in 2013 by previous owner having 9 healthy eggs there currently...
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    whitelipped python 2 years old 400g sex unknown eats sheds poos fine,,may swap for brazillian rainbows,or royal morphs no male spiders or pastles
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    I have a pair of early 09 white lips available, both are in perfect health and are 2 of the nicest snakes i have ever seen. eating, shedding and pooing perfectly these guys are also very friendly once out of the viv despite the bad press that follows them, serious enquiries only please...
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    ....Somebody's watching me!!! I currently have 4 whitelipped pythons glaring at me in attack poses and they've all been like that for about 20 minutes!! All I'm doing is reading in bed :-( the only saving grace is my retics smiling duck face!! Anybody else had the 'death stare' whilst in...
1-4 of 4 Results