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whites tree frogs

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    I am thinking of getting 2 whites tree frogs but i am a bit worried about my terrarium size, i have a 40 x 40 x 60 cm terrarium (WxLxH) is that a big enough size for 2 whites tree frogs?
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    Sad sale of Whites tree frogs pair. One definitely male as showing pads, breeding behaviour and calling. Blue phase, 4 years old. One suspected female as does not show pads or calling. Normal green/Olive. 3 years old. Sadly selling due to not having the time to properly care for them anymore...
  3. Amphibians
    Hi Guys, Decided with my spare terrarium I would like to create a habitat for some White's tree frogs. My terrarium is a 60(L)x45(W)X45(H), I know it isn't the tallest, but I can make use of the width to help out with arboreal spacing? Let me know. I have a 3D polystyrene background already...
  4. Amphibians
    Posting on behalf of a friend. Last week, she purchased 2 whites tree frogs, there both captive bred and roughly 3 months old and were housed together in the shop. They are housed in a exo terra terrarium which measures 60x45x90cm, their temperature during the day fluctuates between 84F to 85F...
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    Looking for 2 or 3 whites tree frogs, will consider any age.
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    I am on a hunt for either Whites or Red Eyes. Ideally looking for a group of either, say 4 minimum. Willing to pay £30 for Whites or £50 for Red Eyes. Preferably someone from around london, ideally middlesex area but i am willing to travel for them.
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    Hi I have 3 whites tree frog sub adults which I would like to trade for plants/cuttings for my dart vivs these do not come with a viv tho thanks for looking pm if interested
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    CB14 Whites Tree Frogs Unsexed £14 Each
  9. Amphibian Classifieds
    Looking for baby blue phase whites tree frogs if anyone can help.
  10. Amphibians
    i have 6 wtf but it looks like one has went blind his eyes are diffrent and not eaten for a few days is this a common problem or new to frog keepers or anyone now whats wrong will try and put a pic up later to show everyone it is still healthy as sits in the water dish but as i say not eaten...
  11. Equipment & Supplies
    Hi All, Sorry if this question is already around somewhere, I went back 5-6 pages but couldn't find anything, and the google is just not being my friend on this subject! I've recently (about 2-3 Months ago) picked up some Whites Tree Frogs and I've been looking into creating a mini ecosystem...
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    For Sale 2 Male Whites Tree frogs including set up £80 ono Collection Bilton Rugby Frogs are approx 9 months old and about 2.5 to 3 inches in size Set up Includes Exo Terra Vivarium 45x45x60 + 3d congo backing Exo Terra vivarium canopy 2x Repti Glo 2.0 Compact Full Spectrum Terrarium Lamp...
  13. Amphibian Care Sheets
    hi had wtf for some years now but never had real plants ask people on the site whats best but never went into plants but now looking.Whats the best plants to keep in with the whites thanks sandy
  14. Amphibians
    Well, where to start.. I see a lot of brilliant vivarium builds on here mainly for dart frogs an such which gave me the inspiration to create my very own build but for my Whites Tree Frogs. At the moment they are in a Exo Terra 45x45x60 i have 3 adults in there and although the gallonage is...
  15. Amphibians
    With the close weather all my frogs and toads have been much more vocal and active. The Whites in particular which are now seven have been crazy at night and more active than ever. The way they are going they will see me out. I wondered who has had or has the eldest. Pics would be good :2thumb:
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    CB11 Whites Females, have been calling back to the males. I have too many females ready to breed and don't have the space for all the tadpoles Chubby and friendly and easy to handle. £30 each, £55 for two or £75 for all three. Will consider trades for red eyes and other Amphibians. Collection...
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    6 x whites tree frogs not sure on sex as only just got them , we believe there 2 years old eating well and looking good
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    I have 5 whites tree frogs for sale all eat like pigs and some are calling they live in a 60/60/90 Exo terra with hood and live floor 3 diff types of woodlice fake plants wood bowl ect want £150 for all will take offers pm me for pics ect :)
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    I have two male whites tree frogs that I am trying to re-home, preferably to someone who already has some and can add them to their current setup. They do not come with a tank, just the frogs. The picture in my signature is of one of them. They are roughly 3 years old and in good health. I have...
  20. R.I.P
    RIP i only got you yesterday. you where ill when i got you i am devastated that i didnt have you for very long. but i loved every second that i did!!! :cry: